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1. 2.

6. 7. 3. 8. 4. 9. 5. 10.


1.( )A. Yes, he can. B. No, I can’t. It’s difficult. C. I’m good at English.

2. ( ) A. It’s four o’clock. B. There are four peaches. C. Yes, there is.

3. ( ) A. It’s seven o’clock. B. I must find my music book. C. It’s at a quarter past two.

4. ( ) A. Yes, I have. B. Yes, please. C. I’m sorry.

5. ( ) A. She has got a Japanese camera. B. She wants another one.

C. I’ve got a new one.


1. It’s Lucy’s music lesson ____ half ____ six.

2. ______ _______ juice do you want?

3. I’ve ____ ____ nice piece of salmon _____dinner _______.

4. You and Paul ____ _____ some strawberries ______the garden.

5. Put ____ water in _____ pan, and pass ____ _____knife, please.


一、找出划线部分与其它发音不同的单词 二、英汉互译。





5.They haven’t got any yoghurt in the canteen at the academy.

6.There are some knives, some forks and some spoons in the kitchen.

7.Just pick them first.

8.Claire has got an expensive camera, but she wants another one.

三、单项选择 A. show B.see C.look D. call A.Look,look B.Look at, look at C.Look, see D.Look at, see

3.Paul can’tA.takes, good B.take, useless C.takeing, useless D.take, good

4.Are there _____ coffee in the fridge? Yes, there ____ some coffee.

A. some, are B. any, are C. any, is D. some, is

5.The game is at four o’clock and it’s a quarterA.past B.to C. before D.after

6.You mustn’t eat there. The food isA.terrible B.delicious C.good D.nice A.What kind,have B.Which kind, has C.What kind, has D.Which kind, have A.is, breads, sugars,vegetables B.are, breads,sugars,vegetables

C.is,bread,sugar,vegetables D.are,bread, sugars,vegetables

9. Listen ______ the song, please.

A. for B. to C. at D.on

10.Give __________ his book, and give ____her glasses ,too.

A:him,she B: he, she C: him, her D.he, her


1.There ____ (be) one apple on the plate.

2.There ____ (be) bananas and one pear in the bag.

3.There ____ (be) some milk in the bottle.

4.Give ____ (he) a blouse, please.

5.Give ____ (she) a shirt, please.

6.He ____ (like) ____ (run). He ____ (run) very fast.

7. ____ (do) Lucy ____ (sleep) at home?

8. He _______ _______ (not, want) a cheap watch.


1.There is some milk in the glass. (改为否定句)

2. There is a picture near the desk.. (改为复数句)

There _________ _________ pictures near the desk.

3.What’s the time? It’s seven thirty.(改为同意句)

What _________ _________ _________? It’s _________ _________ _________

4. Give me the pencil.(改为同意句)

_________ the pencil _________ me.

5.Lucy’s English is very good. (改为同意句)

Lucy is very ________ ________ English.

6.There is one piece of salmon in the bowl.(用some 改为复数)。


This is a picture of our class. You can see twenty-eight boys and twenty-seven girls in our class. There is an English student in our class. His name is David. His English is very good. We all like him. He likes eating bread and cakes. He likes drinking milk and apple juice. We like eating rice and drinking tea. We are very happy together.

( ) 1. How many students are there in the classroom.?

A. twenty-eight B. fifty-five C. twenty-seven

( ) 2. David likes eating ________.

A. cak4es B. apples C. bread and cakes

( ) 3.David likes drinking ________.

A. apple juice B. milk C. milk and apple juice

( ) 4.What do the Chinese students like eating and drinking ?

A. rice and tea B. bread and milk C. cakes and juice

( ) 5.Where is David from?

A. China B. England C.Japan


要求:围绕“My home”主题来写作,可介绍家中的摆设,房间等等。不少于5句话。

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