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听力部分 Name______ Score_______


( )1. A. math B. Chinese C. English

( )2. A. window B. door C. board

( )3. A. twenty B. thirty C. fifty

( )4. A. thin B. strong C. quiet

( )5. A. stong B. short C. shoe


( )1. Let’s clean the ____________. A. window B. board ( ) 2. Look, you can see 20_____________ . A. Chairs B. picture ( )3. What colour is it ? It’s___________. A. white B. red ( )4. He has __________black hair.

A. short B.long

( )5. Where’s my seat? It’s ___________.

A. near the door B. in the classroom



( ) 1. What's this in English?

( ) 2.I'm class four.

( ) 3. She's beautiful.

( ) 4. Let's play a game.

( ) 5. She likes music.


1.( )5 yuan. ( )5

2.( )Red ( ) No

3. ( ) Thank you ( ) Sure,here you are.

4. ( ) Bye ( ) Good morning.

5. ( ) It`s a desk ( ) It`s near the desk.



( )1、I have __English book.

A 、a B 、an C 、two

( )2、What`s __ your schoolbag ?

An Englishbook,two mathsbook and a notebook.

A、 in B 、on C 、under

( )3、I have a sister. __name is Lili.

A 、His B、 She C、 Her

( )4、__is my seat?

A、 What B、 Where C 、How

( )5、__is she?She is Amy.

A、 What B 、where C、 Who

( )6、__colour is it?

A、 What B、 Where C、 Who

( )7、Let`s clean the __ .(讲台)

A、 teacher`s desk B、teachers` desk C、 teachers desk ( )8、Let__clean the window.

A 、I B、 me C、 we

( )9、What is __name?His name is ZhangPeng.

A、 her B、 his C、 he

( )10、__in it?

A、 Which is B、 Where is C、 What is


tall floor Chinesebook computer strong

twenty-four thin mathbook short Englishbook




七、 从B栏中找出与A栏中问句相应的答语。

( )1.What`s in your schoolbag? a. It’s near the window. ( )2.Who`s he? b. A boy.

( )3. A boy or girl? c. OK.

( )4.Where is it? d. An Englishbook and a mathsbook. ( )5.Let`s clean the classroom! e. He`s Zhang Peng.

2.The wall is __________. B.墙是白色的。

3.I have ________books. C.我有22本书。

4.My _________is heavy. D.我的书包很重。

5.My friend is _______. E.我的朋友又高又壮。


I have a friend.Her name is WangChen.She is ten.She is a girl from ShangHai.She is beatiful.She has big eyes,a small nose,a small mouth and long black hair.Her favourte suject is English.She likes Chinese ,math ,singing and

dancing,too.WangChen and I are in Class Three.we are good friends.

( )1、WangChen is a boy.

( )2、She is twelve.

( )3、She is from ShangHai.

( )4、She has a big mouth.

( )5、She likes English very much

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