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一. 选出下列单词不属于同一类别的一项。

( )A . son B. daughter C. nephew D. mobile

( ) A . pencil B. ruler C. book D. coat

( ) A . green B. red C. flower D. silver

( ) A . beautiful B. Chinese C. French D. English

( ) A . fat B. thin C. tall D. writer

二. 重新排列字母,组成单词。

1.m, t, e, e, 2. w, a, t, h, 3. h, w, o, 4.w,i, c, h, h, 5,p,h,n,e w, 6, o, e, s, w, h,

7.,e, l, c, m ,o, e, w, 8.m, t, o, h, r, e, 9.w, e, r, e, h, 10. b, i, a, f, t, u, e, l, 三.正反义词连线。

1.fat short 6.hot old

2.tall thin 7.young wrong

3.big ugly 8.white cold

4.happy small 9.long black

5.beautiful sad 10. right short


1.What is your name ? ( )

A . I am 3. B. I am Lily. C. I am hot.

2.What is it?( )

A . It is red. B. It is a book. C. It is 6.

3.What color is it? ( )

A . It is green. B. It is sunny day. C. Fine, thanks.

4.Thank you. ( )

A . OK. B. You are welcome. C. Yes.

5.Whose is this map? This is )

A . Tom’s B. Tom C. Tom is

that young man. ( )

A . Look on. B. Look at. C. Look in.

7.Who is that boy? ( )

A . That is Jim. B. That is here. C. Over there.

8.Who is that girl the red bicycle? ( )

A . in B. on C. at

9.Who is that woman ?( )

A . with B. over C. in

10.What is the matter him? ( )

A . in , B. on, C. with

11.What do you do? ( )

A . I am a teacher. B. I am Chinese C.I am cold.

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12.What nationality are you?( )

A . I am Chinese. B. I am very well. C. I am hot.

13.Where are you from?( )

A . I’m from England. B.I am Chinese. C. I am ok.

14. How are you?( )

A . I am very well. B.I am Jim. C. I am old.

15.Miss Wang is English teacher. ( )

A . A B. an C. the

16.What is the matter with her? ( )

A . She is ill. B. She is Lucy. C. She is English.

17.They teachers. ( )

A . am B. is C. are

18.What is the weather like today? ( )

A . It is a sunny day. B.I am great. C.It is red.

19.How old are you? ( )

A . I am 10. B. I am John. C. I am OK.

20.Sorry. ( ) A . OK. B. Yes. C. That is all right.

三. 连词成句、英汉互译(注意标点符号的书写)

1. are, where, you, from, 2. safe, better, sorry, than, 3. with, matter, what, is, you, the, 4. is, what, it, color, 5. 6. How do you do?

7. 骑着红色自行车的那个男孩。

8. 那个年轻女人是谁?

9. 这是谁的钢笔?

四. 按要求完成句子。

1. This is my book.(变成否定句) my book.

2、They are teachers.(变成一般疑问句) teachers?

3、I am a teacher. (缩写形式)

4、(对划线部分提问) is this?

5、(对划线部分提问)______ is it?

6、Is Robert thirsty or hungry?(回答

六.阅读短文,判断正误,对的写T, 错的写 F.

Bob is from England. He is eleven. He likes to play basketball. His father Mr. Brown works in a big shop in Chengdu. Bob has a brother. his name is Mike. He is only four. It is Saturday. Bob’s family is all at home. Mr. Brown is sitting on a chair and reading a book. Bob is cleaning his new bicycle. His brother is playing with his dog.

1. Bob likes to play football. ( )

2. Bob has an old bike. ( )

3. Mike is playing with his cat. ( )

4. The family has four people. ( )

5. The family is all at home. ( )

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