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module 4 unit 1

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1.使自己参与,关心 concern oneself with

2.献身于 devote…to 3.醒来 wake up 4.决心做 be determined to do 5.蔑视 look down upon 6.为……辩护 argue for 7.解决;制定 work out 8.建立 set up do research on 9.从事……研究 10.忙于做 be busy doing

11.喜欢;照顾 care for 12.为……而准备/预定 be intended for 13.接生 deliver a baby 14.属于某人自己的 of one’s own 15.继续 carry on 16.对…担心 be concerned about

16. come crowding in 纷塌而至 17. achieve everything

18. gain a doctor’s degree 获得了博士学位 19. cheer the achievements of women 为妇女的成就喝彩 20. support a family 支撑一个家庭


21. the university entrance exam 大学入学考试 22. It is worthwhile doing … (to do sth.) 23. be well worth ( doing ) sth. 24. be worthy of being done; ( to be done)

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human being behave yourself move off argue with sb. about sth. lead/live a …life crowd in look down upon/on by chance/ accident come across be intended to do sth. be intended for… deliver a baby/ speech carry on

扮成… 关心;忙于 奉献..,致力于…… 人类 在树荫下 离开;启程; 某事值得做 算出;想出 直言不讳 在野外 过着...的生活 涌上心头 轻视;看不起

dress as concern oneself with devote (oneself) to …(n./doing) human beings in the shade of the tree move off be worthwhile to do/doing work out be outspoken about in the wild lead a ... Life crowd in look down upon/on

refer to 查阅,参考 by chance 碰巧;凑巧 come across (偶然)遇见 引起注意,吸引眼球 catch one’s eye care for 照顾,关心;喜欢 不受…的影响; free from 为…准备,预订 be intended for 次于,不如 second to 后来 later on give birth to a child 生孩 接生 deliver a baby 献出某人的一生 devote one’s whole life to 继续,坚持 carry on

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