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??????????? __??____??__?__?__线__?__?_名?姓?? ? ? ? 题? 答? 要? 不? 内? 线? 订? 号装? ?考? 订 ? ? ? ? ? ? 级?班? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 校装学???????????????




一. 听录音,选出你所听到的单词。(10分) ( ) 1. A. ear B. early C. earth ( ) 2. A. place B. places C. palace ( ) 3. A. month B. mouth C. mount ( )4. A. say B. sad C. side ( )5. A. write B. writer C. wrote 二. 听录音,选择正确的答语。(10分) ( )1. A.They are reptiles. B. They are insects.

C. They are birds? ( )2. A. I will be an inventor.

B. I will live on the moon. C. I will help many people.

( )3. A. Shandong. B. Xi’an. C. Tibet. ( )4. A. Qi Baishi. B. Qi Baishi was an artist. C. Yes, he was born in 1894 .

( )5. A. I’m nervous. B.I like swimming. C.I want to be a teacher.

三. 听录音,判断正(T)误(F)。(10分) ( )1. The dog bit bill’s new socks.

( )2. I will live in a house on the moon.

( )3. Helen Keller was very sick, when she was one year old.. ( )4. Joy wants to be an artist. ( )5. Wuhan is in the east of China.


四、根据首字母填空。(10分) . because I got a present. of China.

a time machine in the future. 5. An elephant’s than a penguin’s. 五、单项选择。(20分)

( )1. He is one of the strongest in Grade Six. A. boy B. boys C. boies ( )2.-----What do you know about Paris?

------It’s in France. It the Eiffel Tower. A.famous B.is famous for C.be famous for ( )3.People in speak .

A. French, French B. France, French C. French, France ( )4. How many can you see?

A.ostrich B. ostrichs C. ostiches

( )5.The Chinese flag red and yellow. A.am B.is C.are

( )6.-Where would you like to go this winter vacation? -I’d like Egypt.

A.to go B.to go to C.go to

( )7.Qi Baishi was born Aug. 2ed, 1894. A.on B.in C.from

( )8.-How tall is a penguin? -It’s one .

A.meters tall B.meter tall C.meter ( )9.-What will he be in the future?


A.He was an actor B.He is an actor C.He will be an actor

( )10. - did you do in Egypt? - I visited the pyramids.

A. What B. Where C. When 六、选择正确的句子补全对话,将其标号写在横线上。(10分) 1. I think so.

2. There will be no more pollution in the world. 3. What will you be in the future?

4. Will robots do housework fo us? 5. What will you do in the future? A: B: I will be a musician. I like music. B: I will compose music. A: What will the future be like? B: A: Will there be peace in the world? B: A:

B: No, I don’t think so. People will still do housework. 九、阅读理解。(20分)


My name is Sally White . I am a school girl . My school is far from my home . Every day it takes long time to get there . The road is not flat . So I cannot go to school by bike . I often go there by bus or on foot . It takes me thirty minutes to get there by bus and an hour on foot . I must get up very early every morning . I have no time for breakfast at home . I often eat something for breakfast on the way . I don’t want to be late for school . 根据短文内容,判断正(T)误(F)。 ( ) 1. The school isn’t near to her home .

( ) 2. The girl can go to school by bike .

( ) 3. It takes her thirty minutes to get to school by bike . ( ) 4. The girl gets up very early every day . ( ) 5. She often has breakfast at home.


This is Lucy and that is Lily . Lucy looks like Lily and Lily looks like Lucy , too . They look the same . They are American . They are new students in Jim’s class . They are in Grade One . Jim looks after them . They are new friends . They go to a shop . They would like something to eat and drink . Lucy would like some bread . Lily would like a bottle of orange . Jim would like some apples . 根据短文内容,选择正确答案。

( ) 1. Lucy and Lily are _____________ .

A. Chinese B. American C. English ( ) 2. They look __________ .

A. the same B. same C. like ( ) 3. Who can look after them ? __________ .

A. Lucy B. Lily C.Jim ( ) 4. Who would like something to eat and drink ? __________ . A. Lucy B. Jim , Lily and Lucy C. Jim ( ) 5. Lucy would like to eat ___________ .

A. apples B. orange some bread 十、写作。 (10分)



一、 听录音,选出你所听到的单词。(10分)

1. earth 2. places 3. month 4. sad 5. writer


1.What kind of animal are butterflies?

2. What will you be in the future?

3. You can see the warriors there. What place is it?

4. Was he born in 1894?

5. How are you?


1. -Bill, you look angry, why.

-Because my dog bit my new shoes.

2. -Where will you live in the future?

- I will live in a house on the Mars.

3. Helen Keller was very strong, when she was one year old..

4. Joy, What will you be in the future?

I will be an artist. I think it’s interesting.

5. I went to Wuhan this summer vacation. Wuhan is in Hubei province. Hubei is in the south of China.

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