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2AM3U1 教案1

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Lesson Plan

Topic: Oxford English 2A Module 3 Unit 1 In the children’s garden Period: 1st period

Task: know the new words and can use the words to make a sentence. Background study and material analyse:

They are grade two. They learned English two years. But from this term, they should try to remember the words in the class. They like English, so they can do that.

Learning Objectives:

1. Spell and try to recite garden, slide, swing and seesaw

2. The usage of wh-question to find out specific information about something What can you see? I can see? Difficulties:

1. Pronouncing the key words correctly.

2. Using key words and patterns to make an interaction. Aids:

2. Picture and word cards 3. Backboard CONTENTS


T & Ss: sing together T: What can you do? Can you?? T: Today is a fine day. Let’s go to the children’s garden. OK?

T: say and show the word

Ss: imitate

Sg1-5: say together (clap and read loud) T: give an example Sp: say with desk mate Sa: say in class

Ss: 1) spell together

2) spell to oneself

3) try to recite T: ---Can you run/jump in the children’s garden?

PURPOSE 通过儿歌引入,创造学习氛围。

I. Pre – 1. task rhymes preparation2. Daily talk s 3. Introduction

the children’s garden

While - task 1. garden procedures e.g. Garden,

garden. A nice garden. g-a-r-d-e-n 2. slide,

Groups by groups say to the fairy 3.swing,

boys and girls write on the desk 4.seesaw One by one Three seconds 5. fill in the 通过悬念设置导入词汇,引起学生兴趣。



问题引导叙事发展,同时巩固用I can …句式表达适宜行为。



Post – task 1. group work activities Homework:

1.Read P26.

2.Copy the words.

---What else can we do here?

Sn/Sa: answer (I can play?)

T: show the picture and say

Ss: say and act T: show the words Ask “what can you see?”

S1: I can see?

T: show the picture and say

Ss: say and act T: show the words S1: show the words Ask “what can you see?”

T : I can see?

T: show the picture and say

Ss: say and act T: show the words Sn : ask and answer Sa:clap and say in group


采用做一做的方式,体现语言练习中情景、语意、趣味和真实感。 由学生决定“玩”(即语言练习)的顺序,同时进行真实、有意义的词汇表述。



On the blackboard:

M3U1 In the children’s garden What can you see?

I can see a slide swing

seesaw Notes:

这是两年级的一个课时,对二年级的学生来说,他们已经学习了一年的英语,对英语学习有了一定的了解,而且在这个基础上,他们也掌握了一定的学习方法,所以对二年级的学生来说,这一个课时并不是分困难,因为需要解决的只有句式what can you see ? I can see...和一些新授单词的掌握。所以在这个课时的教授中,我比较偏向的是学生的即使记忆,如在教授单词garden的时候,我尝试让学生根据读音规则来拼读和记忆单词,而在教授seesaw 等单词时,我又尝试了用儿歌和拍手的方法来加深学生的记忆,我认为这些活动是比较能符合学生的年龄特点的,而且在牛津教材中,很多情境都是预先创设好的,比如这个课时就是In the children’s garden,在这个大前提下,我们来学习what can you see ? I can see...对学生来说情境就是真实有趣的,能让学生在玩和做的真实过程中有体验有学习。

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