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中文名 _________ 英文名 分数___________


一.根据你所听到的内容,选择正确的选项 (10分)

( ) 1. A. 1021km B. 1101km C. 1210km D. 1210km

( ) 2.A .John is shorter than Peter. B. Peter is shorter than John.

C. John is shorter than Fred. D. Fred is shorter than John.

( ) 3.A. 5.5meters B.55 meters C.550 meters D.5500 meters

( ) 4.A. opened B. talked C. needed D. looked

( ) 5.A. 照相机 B. 吉他 C. 收音机 D. 钢琴

( ) 6.A. talking with friends B. talking pictures

C. riding a horse D. eating ice cream

( ) 7.A .not under the bed B. not behind the desk

C. not in the box D. not in front of the window

( ) 8.A. 16-5=11 B. 6+5=11 C. 25+5=30 D. 16-3=13

( ) 9.A .It’s yours. B. It’s mine. C .It’s his. D .It’s hers.

( ) 10.A. today B. yesterday C. tomorrow D. day


A: are you going to do ?

B: I’m going to the . A: are you going to buy? B: I am going to buy . A: are you going? B: I am going .



( )1. A. morning B. week C. evening D. afternoon

( )2. A. plane B.bag C. train D. ship

( )3. A. east B. west C. easy D. north

( )4. A. blue B. green C. black D. sister

( )5. A.father B. mother C. boy D.brother


( )1. He ____________ reading picture books.

A . like B likes C liking


( )2. How often do you go to school ?______

A. At 9 o’ clock. B. Three times a week. C. By bike.

( )3. Do you like oranges?

A. Yes,I do. B. Yes,I don’t C. Yes,I am.

( )4. Have you ever been to the Beijing zoo?_____

A. No,I haven’t. B. Once a year. C. That’s wonderful.

( )5. Fred is fatter ______ John .

A. than B. that C. this

( )6. I ______ to the zoo yesterday.

A. go B. going C. went

( )7. I like _______ picture stories.

A .read B. reads C. reading

( )8. How often _______ he do sports?

A. do B. does C. did

( )9. Where do you often sing songs?

A. Music room. B. Art room. C. Math room.

( )10. Have you got a computer?

A. Yes,I do. B. Yes,I have. C. No,I don’t.


( 1 ) .连线(6分)

1. This is a place. You can see a film here. A.bus station

2. This is a place. You can catch a bus. B.a cinema

3. You can use this to find your way in the town. C.a shark

4. This is a place where you can buy things. D.a guitar

5. This is a kind of fish which can eat people. E.a map

6. You can play music on this. F a shop ( 2 ). 连线(14分)

星期一 Thursday

星期三 Sunday

星期五 Wednesday

星期二 Tuesday

星期四 Friday

星期六 Monday

星期天 Saturday

四,写出下列单词的过去式 (10分)

1. hurt -__________ 2. have-__________


3. learn -__________ 4. see -__________

5. hit - __________ 6. come-__________

7.sing -__________ 8. run -__________

9.stand -__________ 10. eat -__________


____Monday ____the morning ___the evening ___noon ___night

六. 翻译 (10分)

1. Sally is taller than Ben, but she is shorter than John


2. Has your school got a swimming pool?


3..Have you ever seen a tiger?





_____________________________________________________________ 七.阅读理解(10分)

Look! I have a picture. In the picture, you can see a hill, trees and a school. You can see boys and girls. They are at school. Their school is No.4 Middle School. Joan and Jane are good friends. Joan is twelve . Jane is twelve, too. They are in the same school. They are American(美国人). Miss Gao is their teacher . She is a good teacher. She likes her students, her students like her ,too.

( ) 1. I have a .

A. picture B. hill C. tree D. TV

( ) 2. What’s in the picture?

A. Two hills, a tree and a school.B. A hill, many trees and a school.

C. A hill, a tree and a school. D. Some hills, trees and a school.

( ) 3. is Joan and Jane’ teacher.

A. Miss Liu B. Mr Ding C. Miss Gao D. Mr Hu

( ) 4. How old is Joan ?



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