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Class_______ Name__________ Number__________ Mark__________ I. 给下列词语分类。

comic football star plum spaceman toy bus bread thirty coin chocolate cola autograph silver bell fifteen apple twenty cyclist cake stamp banana postcard eleven pear milkman necklace soft

1. till, I, wait, can’t, Sunday.

2. party, a, having, they, birthday, are, big.

3. on, you, what, going, Tuesday, are, do, to

4. will, he, some, bring, apples.

5. he, got, has, dog, a?

6. you, car, have, a, got?

7. dream, I, of, often, English, being, teacher, an.

8. sometimes, that, he, to, can, dream, animals, talk.

9. don’t, comics, I, collect.

10. collects, Tom, bands, friendship.

11. collect, she, stickers, doesn’t.

12. get, what, up, time, do, on, you, Sunday?


13. bend, can, your, how, knees, you, often?

14. is, to, it, eight, quarter.

15. athlete, run, top, about, a, four, metres, hundred.

16. have, friendship bands, I, twenty.

17. has, a, computer, Barbara, got, new.

18. does, Simon, what, collect?

19. do, you, to, bed, when, go?

20. girls, there, how, many, are, your, class, in?

1. Tim collects________ and __________. He doesn’t ________ __________.

2. Jane and Kate __________ and_________. But Kate

_________collect_________. And Jane doesn’t collect

3. Henry __________ ___________ . He _________ ____________

_____________ and ______________.

IV. 根据对话内容,重排句子的顺序, 把句子编号写在方框中。

A. How many postcards have you got? B. About a hundred.

C. Postcards and stickers. D. Twenty postcards.

E. Ben, what do you collect? F. And how many stickers? G

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V. 按要求把下列单词归类。

1. What do you collect? 2. What do you need for a party?

3. What do you do at free time?

4. How do you feel? VI. 根据所学的课文内容,选择正确的答案并在选项上打“√”。 1.



4. In the song“Mascots”in Unit 2, how many friendship bands does the boy have? A. Twenty. B. Ninety-nine. In the song“Stickers”in Unit 4, what does the girl collect? A. Stamps. B. Stickers. In the story “The sleeping prince”in Unit 3, who kisses the Sleeping Prince? A. Rupert. B. Jenny. In the story“The sleeping prince”in Unit 3, what does the prince want to eat

and drink?

A. Cola and hotdog. B. Sandwich and orange juice.

5. In the story“Joe’s favourite hat”in Unit 4, what does Joe collect?




A. Hats. B. Clothes. In the story“Joe’s favourite hat”in Unit 4, how much is Sarah’s dress? A.A hundred. B. Ninety-nine. How fast can the fastest train go about in one minute? A.8 kilometres. B.80 kilometres. How fast can a top athlete run about in one minute? A. 200 metres. B.400 metres.

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VII. 阅读表格,把句子补充完整。

Winter holiday is coming. Jimmy makes a plan(计划) for his holiday:

have _______on Tuesday. I am ______to _____ my homework and _______books on Wednesday and___________. On Friday, I ______ going _____clean my room and have sports. I want to have a busy(忙碌的) and happy holiday.

VIII. IX. 阅读

Hello, I’m Simon. I live in Canada. My birthday is in January. I’m eleven years old. I have a party on Saturday afternoon at half past four. I like playing football. My best friend is Jane. She often dreams that she has a pony. She never dreams of ghosts. She doesn’t collect comics or autographs. She collects postcards and stickers. She can run 300 metres in one minute. A. 回答问题.

1. Who’s my best friend? _________________________ 2. What do you like? __________________________ 3. Where do you live? _________________________ 4. What does Jane collect? ________________________

5. How often can Jane run in one minute?_____________________ B. 判断 “T” or “F”.

( )1.I’m twelve years old.

( )2.Jane never dreams that she has a pony. ( )3.Jane often dreams of ghosts.

( )4.Jane doesn’t collect comics or autographs. ( )5.She can run 300 metres in one hour.

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