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中文名 英文名 得分

第一部分 听力(30分)

一、听录音,请选出你所听到的单词,并将序号填入括号内(10分) ( )1.A、PRC B、PLA ( )2.A、cow B、down

( )3.A、light B、lizard( )4.A、blue B、red

( )5.A、VCD B、DVD ( )6.A、6 B、8

( )7. A、课本 B、书包 ( )8. A、公共汽车 B、自行车 ( )9. A、黄色 B、红色 ( )10. A、苹果 B、菠萝


1、_______ is your cake? A、Here B、What C、Where

2、This is _______ pen . A、my B、his C、her

3、It's a ______ bag. A、yellow B、 green C、red

4、How many? ________ . A、 Two B、Ten C、Five

5、How _______ she ? A、am B、is C、are


( )1. Sam is going to A. do long jump

( )2. Tingting is going to B. do high jump

( )3. Amy is going to C. swim

( )4. Daming is going to D. run a race

( )5. Lingling is going to E. play football


第二部分 笔试(70分)


1、A . Dan B. Sam C. hat D. cake

2、A . ruler B. bus C. duck D. cup

3、A. Tom B. sock C. nose D. dog

4、A. milk B . sit C . ride D. sing

5、A. bread B. meat C . pea D . sea


( )1. How are you?

A. Tom. B.Yes it is. C.Fine,thank you.. ( )2.How old are you?

A. I’m Lucy. B.Good morning. C.I’m five. ( )3. What colors do you like?

A.How are you? B.I like green. C.My mother. ( )4. How many dogs are there?

A.Cat. B.Two. C.He’s fourty. ( )5. Have you got any fish?

A.Yes,it is. B.No, I’m not. C.Yes, I have. ( )6. How do you go to school?

A.I don’t like it. B.I go to school by bus.

C.It’s my brother’s.

( )7.What’s your favorite food?

A.It’s small. B.Hot dog. C.I like it.

( )8.Who is he?( )

A.She is Amy. B.He is Amy C.He is Tom ( )9. What's your hobby ?

A.I like go shopping B.it’s my favorite book 2

C.I don’t know

( )10. What are you doing ?

A.I like playing football B. I’m reading a book.

C. I’m hungry

( )11.How many ducks are there ?

A There are one . B There is three

C There are two

( )12.Where is my toy car?

A It’s under the cap B It’s a beautiful car

C It’s not yours

( )13.What’s your favourite fruit?

A I like sheep B I like tomatoes.

C I like bananas.

( )14.fish的复数( )

A. fish B. fishes C. fishs ( )15.Happy New Year!( )

A. Thank you ! B. Morning C. Happy New Year


A. nephew B. eye C. pen D. yellow E. lemon

1.book pencil ruler _________2.father mother sister _________

3.apple pear banana _________4.red green black _________

5.nose arm leg __________


( )1、How are you? ( )2、What colour do you like?

( )3、How many dogs are there?( )4、Have you got any fish? ( )5、Has your father got a computer?

( )6、What's your favourite drink?( )7、Whose bike is it? 3

( )8、What's for lunch? ( )9、How do you go to school? ( )10、What do you do every day?

A、It's peter ’ s. B、By bike. C、Fine, thank you.

D、There are four. E 、I like green. F、 No, I haven't.

G、Read books. H、I've got fish. I、Yes, he's got.

J、 I like lemonade.

五、读一读,连一连 (10分)

Coconuts 西红柿

Peach 桃子 grapefruit

Tomato 椰子 chicken

Potato 花 turtle

Flower 土豆 cow


Take a seat ________________________________ Enjoy yourself ________________________________ I like drawing ________________________________ I like climbing trees ________________________________ My car is behind the door ________________________________ Bounce the ball ________________________________ Catch the beanbag ________________________________ Hopscotch ______________________________ Read a book ________________________________ Please watch carefully ________________________________ 奶牛 手表 柚子 小鸡 乌龟 4 watch

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