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中文名 英文名 得分



( )1. A. bike B. buy C. beer

( ) 2. A. date B. dish C. dinner

( ) 3. A. clock B. coffee C. cake

( ) 4. A. same B. sea C. season

( ) 5. A. month B. morning C. money

( ) 6. A. lady B. last C. lesson

( ) 7. A. fork B. food C. fish

( ) 8. A. easy B. eat C. earache

( ) 9. A. pan B. paper C. Park

( )10. A.mean B. meat C. milk


. ( )1. A. Yes, it is . B. Yes, it does.

( ) 2. A. I like spring. B. I like dog.

( ) 3. A. Yes, I have. B. Yes, please.

( ) 4. A. I must hurry. B. It’s two o’clock.

( ) 5. A. Yes, I can.it’s easy. B. One,two,three.



( )1. A.first B.third C. fifth D. three

( ) 2. A.America B. Australian C.Canada D. Chinese

( ) 3. A. October B. May C. month D. June

( ) 4. A. spring B. sun C. autumn D. Winter

( ) 5. A. Monday B. day C. Friday D. Saturday

( ) 6. A. glove B. video C. jeans D. skirt

( ) 7. A. tin B. meat C. bread D. cake


( ) 8. A. tea B. fridge C. computer D. Tv

( ) 9. A. Classroom B. Church C. Cinema D. Football

( ) 10.A. well B. what C. how D. Whose

二、单项选择。(15分) 1. Is this your handbag?

A. Yes, it is. B. No, it is. C. It is. D. Yes, it isn’t. 2. Here you are.

A. Thank. B. Thank very much.

C. Thank you very much. D. Very thank you. 3.Are these your shirts?

A. Yes, it is. B. Yes, they is.

C. Yes, they are. D. No, they are. 4.Is it big or small?

A.Yes, it is. B. Yes, it is big.

C. It is not small, it’s big. D. No, it isn’t. 5.What colour is your book?

A.It is long. B. It is big.

C. It is short. D. It is green.

6.What’s your job?

A.I’m a boy. B. I’m sorry.

C. It is yellow. D. I’m a policeman.

7.How are you today?

A.I’m Jerry. B. I’m fine.

C. It is nice. D. Nice to see you. 8.What is your nationality?

A.I’m a nurse. B. I’m milkman.

C. It is German. D. I’m French. 9.Give me a pen. The blue one.

A. What one? B. Which one?

C. What colour? D. Which ones? 10.Whose cat is that?

A.It is my cat. B. It is lazy.


C. It is I cat. D. It is us cat. 11.Where is my cup?

A.It is white. B. The grey one.

C. It is dirty. D. It is on the table. 12.What must I do?

A.I am busy. B. You are young.

C. Open the door. D. How do you do? 13.What is she doing?

A.She is very well. B. She is read.

C. She is reading. D. She reading. 14.Look at .

A.they B. them

C. their D.they’re 15.What are they doing? They are the wall.

A. jump off B. jump across

C. jump under D. jumping off


1. fat→ 2.long→ 3. young→

4.warm→ 5.dirty→ 6.cold→

7.tall→ 8.empty→ 9.shut→



1. 命名 2. 微笑 3.礼物 4. 安全的

5.疲惫的 6 牙医 7.胃 8 找到 9汤 10. 需要 ___ 11.葡萄酒 12. 桥 13生日 14 聪明的 15.害羞的


1.Tom is a tall boy. (改为否定句)


2.Jim is a student.(改为一般疑问句)



3. It is red.(划线提问)


4.Is Lily in the living room?(作否定回答)


5.They like apples..(改为否定句)


6.They have two books.(改为一般疑问句)


7.He gets up at 6:30 every morning.(改为否定句)

_______________________________________________ 8. Sarah likes pears.(划线提问)

____________________________ 9.There are five birds in the tree. (划线提问)

_____________________________ 10.Jim goes to the shop every week. (划线提问)


This is my family. We live in Canada. They are my grandfather, my grandmother, my father, my mother, my brother, my sister and I. My father is a teacher. He is an English teacher. My mother is a teacher, too. She teaches P.E. They work in different schools. My brother, Jack is seventeen years old. He is a worker. Kate is my sister. She and I are students. We are in the same school, but in different grades. My grandparents are old. They don’t have jobs. They look after our pet(宠物)dog, Pear at home. ( )1.How many people are there in the family? There are .

A. five B. seven C. nine

( )2.The writer’s(作者的) parents(父母) .

A. are both teachers B. both are teachers C. are all teachers ( )3.Does the mother teach English, too? .

A. Yes, she does. B. No, she doesn’t. C. No, he doesn’t.

( ) 4.The writer(作者) and Kate are .

A. in the same class B. in the same grade C. in different grades ( ) 5.Pear is .

A. a doll dog B. the name of the pet C. grandma’s friend


一、1.beer 2. dinner 3. coffee 4. season 5. month

6. lesson 7. fork 8. eat 9. park 10. meat 二、1.Does the sun often shine in spring?

2.Which season do you like?

3.Have you got any coffee?

4.What time is it?

5.Can you do Maths?


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