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Name :Score(总分100) Part1默写出剩下的字母只写大写(20分)

___ABCDEF_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ PartⅡ翻译(40分) 1翻译(10分)

bag desk bed hello this cat eraser hi friend bus blue apple 2.圈出是颜色的单词,在亲人的单词下面划横线(10分)



_____________ boxes

4. 圈出正确图案的单词(10分)

It is ( windy / rainy ).

round football / baseball

red purple tree marker ruler doll

pig sister mother big brother crayon

long / short sofa

3.写出图片中的数量用英语(10分) ---------- tables


It’s the letter “A” /


They are / He is a cook .

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PartⅢ:Writing(40分) 1.翻译Translate(10分)

big young fish 蛋糕 old short noodle 牛奶

bird brown by eight red fat little bread 面条 long bat nine cat China pretty ugly milk 面包 five two book one three six seven ten four frog 2.翻译Translate(15分)

My name is Tom. What’s your name? . What are these? ? They are cats. . It’s an red and yellow eraser. . How are you? ? Fine, thank you! . How’s the weather? ? It’s sunny. .

How many apples are there? ? Who is he?He is my mother. . What about you? ?

Who is she ? She is my mother. . Do you want an apple? ? Yes, I do. . 3连线.Match(10分)

long thin cake 鱼

4.画圈Circle (5分) How many banana? .

This is a .

How many cats? .

This is a .

Look!There are .

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