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A. an apple B table C a book

( ) 2. Where ’s the_______? The book is in the box A. erase B cat C book ( ) 3. Hi, Mom, I ____ home

Name Score: (总分100分) Part1(20分)


stand up / on a / an apple

play / go the yo-yo in / on the table 二.写出漏下的数字 (10分)

One ( ) ( ) four( )( ) ( )( )( )ten

Part11: Writing(40分) 一.Translate翻译(5分)

TV baseball 二、Choose选择 (5分)

( )1.I am hunry. I’d like _________

A. am B is C are

( ) 4. What ____ she want?

A. am B does C is

( ) 5. Does he like flowers? Yes, he ____ A. does B do C is

三.Translate翻译(15分) 1.How old are you ? 3.What’s this? This is a map. 4.It’s an red and 6. What’s your telephone number? It’s 72378560. 7.He can’t find book.

9.Who is she . . 四.Choose选择(5分)

The sink is the bathroom.

The red and yellow book is Do you like fish and hamburger? Yes, I There are many trees in of our house

is your name?

五.Match 连线(5分)

1.Where do you live? A. Of course

2.What does she want? B. I live in FuLing

3.Where is the TV? C. In the living room.

4.Would you like some bread ? D. she wants fish 5.What is wrong? E. I can not find my com 六.Circle(5分)

How many banana? One \ Two

This is a flower \ crayon.

It’s windy \ sunny .

This is a one \ two.

Look! There is three\ one.





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