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reading 2 刘悦然

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Reading (II)
? 2

Make up a dialogue
--- Can I help you? --- I’d like to buy a comic book for my cousin. --- Here’re some comic books. Take a look. They’re great. --- How much do they cost? --- 5 yuan each. --- OK. I’ll buy two.

Shopping expressions
1.What does the shopkeeper say when the buyer comes in? What can I do for you? Can I help you? May I help you? What are you looking for?

2. If you want to buy something, you can say: I want… . I would like … I am looking for...

Can I have…

3.How to ask about the price How much is/are …?

How much do/does … cost?
What’s the price of…? How to answer It’s/They’re…yuan.

It costs/They cost … yuan

4.The shopkeeper wants to ask the kind or the number of the things the buyer wants What kind would you like?
How many / much do you want?

If there isn’t the thing the buyer wants, the shopkeeper can say: Sorry, we don’t have any… here.

5.If you don’t want to buy something, you can say: It’s too small/big/short/long/expensive/cheap

It doesn’t match… If you want to buy something, you can say:
I’ll take/buy/have it. Here’s the money.

1. 一些足球卡片
some football cards 2. 稍等 just a minute 3. 看一看…… take a look at…

4. 给……买……
buy … for…

5. 许多种类的发夹 many kinds of hair clips 6. 有足够的钱做某事 have enough money to do 7. 这是找你的零钱 Here’s your change 8. 和她粉红的外套相配 match her pink coat

do they cost 1How much are the stickers? How much____________?
costs too much 2That’s quite expensive. That __________________. What can I do for you 3 Can I help you? ________________________? 4 The clips are great. 5 Take a look. beautiful/nice/pretty They are___________________. Have a look ____________.

6 I want to buy some presents for Simon. Simon some presents I want to buy _____________________.

Just a moment 7. Just a minute. ________________
8. They match her favourite T-shirt. _They go well with her favourite T-shirt.

1. 我爸爸花了6500元买了台电脑。 2. 那张火车票花了我420元。 3. 他每天花30分钟锻炼。 4. 修那辆旧自行车花了他50元。 5. Mary花了30元买了个玩具熊。

1. Recite two dialogues. Finish on Friday.
2. Finish Page 83—84.

3. Prepare for the next lesson.

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