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1、他还没有掌握这门艺术的最基本技巧,更不用说接近国际水平了。(let alone) He hasn’t mastered the basic skills of the art ,let alone approached the international standard.

2、她用略带激动的语调告知丈夫今天早上发生的一切,但奇怪的是他没有做出任何反应。(fill in)

She filled her husband in on everything that happened this morning in a tone tinged with excitement.But it was odd that he gave no response.

3、穿上新裙子,;莉莉感觉自己像个公主。(feel like)

Putting on the new dress,Lily felt herself like a princess.

4、不必说,疾病使他别无选择,只能控制饮食。(give up)

Needless to say,because of his disease he has no option but to control his diet.

5、那次失败使她灰心丧气,现在她已经不再渴望参加这一类比赛了。(on longer ;take part in)

She was frustrated by the failure that she was no longer eager to take part in this type of race.

6、这件事可能产生的后果应予以认真考虑。(consequences,reflect on/upon) The likey consequences of the incident need to be reflected /upon.

7、他差点就解决了这个问题。(with an inch of)

He was within an inch of solving the problem.

8、假如你要把财产转让给他人,须使他成为合法产权人。(legal owner,transfer…to)

If you want to transfer your propert to someone,you should first make him the legal owner of it.

9、我公司决定采取措施制止盗窃。(take action)

The company decided to take actions to stop stealing.

10、 我不想把别人牵涉进我的麻烦里(involve in)

I don’t want to involve others in my trouble.

11、我想和你一起住这个房间。(share sth.with…)

I’d like to share the room with you.

12、你在国外学习必须使自己适应新的风俗习惯以及不同的思维方式。(adapt to) When you studay abroad,you must adopt youself to new customs and different way.

13、如果我们认为那样不公平,我们就会大胆地说出来。(speak up) If we thought that was unfair,we would speak up.

14、我们不应该看不起他。我们首先要对他树立起信心,然后帮助他改造学习方法。(look down upon,build up)

We shouldn’t look down upon him.We should first build up confidence in him and then help him improve his way of study.

15、为了使自己的社会地位得到承认,妇女们做了长期的斗争。(social status,recognition)

Women have been struggling for a long time for the recognition of their social status in the society.


16、There used to be an old joke in America that people shoule take a bath once a week,whether thye need one or not.


17、For that reason,Americans consider the use of deodorant or antiperspirant a must. 因此,美国人会认为使用除臭剂或止汗剂是必须的。

18、To Americans,even if we don't’ have much to work with,we have to make the best of what we’ve got.


19、But most people in America do head for the beauty parlor or barbershop occasionally for a haircut,aperm or just some friendly conversation.


20、Whether or not being clean and well groomed brings one closer to God,it certainly brings one closer to others.


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