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Project 2 My snack bar


This is his ….

This is her….

1 j q 2 b g 3 t k b o s w r h c j c e t r d m l f l s a y o s o f a f 4 b u l u c e c r l i l s k i r t 5 e o h p o q j f d l a r h a i h f r i d g e q u 6 g v r u j t f l

table doll clock sofa
skirt fridge

Where is/are the …? It’s/They’re….
(提示:in /on / under / behind)

It’s twelve o’clock. It’s time for lunch. Let’s go to the snack bar.

Here’s a ….
Snack bar

Clothes shop

Can I help you?
¥5 ¥8 ¥3

Yes, I’d like a/some/a ..of ….

Anything else?
¥2 ¥6 ¥4

…,please. /No, thank you.

How much are they?
¥6 ¥7 ¥5 ¥9 ¥5

They’re …yuan.



It’s time for class.

Rhyme time
What would you like?

What would you like?
I’d like a …. I’d like some ….

They’re all very nice.

Checkout time

A: Let’s go to …’s toy/fruit/clothes shop/snack bar. B and C: OK.

D: Can I help you ?
A/B/C: Yes, I’d like…. D: Anything else? A/B/C: …,please. /No, thank you. A/B/C: How much are they? D: They’re ….yuan .

Ticking time
I can name some fruit, clothes, toys ,food and drinks. I can use “Where’s /Where are…?”, “How much is/are…?”to ask and answer. I can say “Here’s a….” I can say “Can I help you ?”, “I’d like …”

Exercise time


1、默写有关水果类、服装类、玩 具类和食品类单词1遍,中文1遍。 2、和同桌继续表演购物的对话。 3、继续完成练习。

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