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2A 期末口语复习_dll

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2A 期末口语复习 班级_________ 姓名__________


E b M l d I W v a h s y Z v r g j q X u

mother sister chocolate doctor nurse father hamburger flower carrot bean butterfly sun potato moon brother milk tomato small bright pie cake hot dog worker ant tree gift cook bell big sweet bread rice star juice


1. What are these? They are flowers.

2. What’s your mother? She’s a nurse.

3. Have some bread, Mike. OK.Thank you, Dad. I like bread.

4. Look at the star! Oh, it’s small.

5. Who’s he? He’s my brother.

6. What are those? They are butterflies.

7. A hamburger, please. Here you are. Thanks.

8. Merry Christmas! The gift is for you. Thank you.


1.What are these/those? They are …

2.What’s she?

She’s a …

3.Merry Christmas! 4.A cake/chocolate/pencil,please.

5.Have some juice,please. Ok,Thanks. 6.Look at the moon! It’s…

7.Who’s he? What’s your father?

He’s …



family nice happy like round sing Mr. Lee they at are some market picnic dinner time Snack Bar these cheese those student In the sky at night. Rice is nice.

A hamburger with cheese. Sing in the trees.

At the market. Like a big balloon.

She’s a student like you and me.

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