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(人教PEP)六年级英语上册期末考试试题 (16)

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( )1.A.just B.last C.first D.bird

( )2.A.clothes B.close C.clock D.clean

(; )3.A.think B.thin C.thank D.thick

( )4.A.exciting B.exercise C.interesting D.computergame

( )5.A.front B.fruit C.free D.friend

( )6.A.hall B.tall C.hot D.hard

( )7.A.toninght B.bright C.light D.ladder

( )8.A.kind B.find C.mind D.month

( )9.A.ago B.befone C.again D.begin

( )10.A.trip B.drop C.ship D.shop


()1.A.He can't join the match yesterday. B.He didn't join the match yesterday.

( )2.A.What's wrong with her? B.What's the matter with her?

( )3.A.How can I get to the library. B.Where is the library?

( )4.A.Could you look after the dog? B.Could you carry it downstairs?

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( )1.A.Tom didn't go there.

B.Tom went there yesterday.

C.Tom was at home.

( )2.A.He'll lend him money.

B.He'll use the money.

C.He'll hand me money.

( )3.A.I've got a headache.

B.I've got a "C" in the test.

C.I've got a bad cold.


1.She will be all right soon.

2.She was all right yesterday.

3.She is all right today.



1.small morning ( ) 2.cloudy down ( )

3.float mouse ( ) 4.spoil paint ( )

5.room cool ( )

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( ) ( )( ) ( )( )

(参考答案: 六、1.wait 2.know 3.room 4.say 5.park 6.dear)


1.fridge (1)停放 6.dangerous (1)吸烟 11.concert (1)感觉

2.medicine (2)楼上 7.smoke (2)吐,吐痰 12.street (2)开始

3.upstairs (3)冰箱 8.spit (3)访问者 13.mouth (3)音乐会

4.park (4)药 9.visitor (4)中心 14.feel (4)街道

5.touch (5)触摸 10.centre (5)危险 15.start (5)嘴,口

参考答案: 七、

1.(3) 2.(4) 3.(2) 4.(1) 5.(5)/ 6.(5) 7.(1) 8.(2) 9.(3) 10.(4)/

11.(3) 12.(4) 13.(5) 14.(1) 15.(2)


traffic up a

fever lights cheer high keep up be out careful look

get after off stay look to right centre turn shopping

1.购物中心 2.照顾 3.向右转

4.小心 5.当心 6.熬夜 7.到达

8.交通灯 9.高兴起来 10.高烧

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参考答案: 八、1.shopping centre 2.look after 3.turn right 4.be careful 5.look out

6.stay up 7.get to 8.traffic lights 9.cheer up 10.a high fever


1.Yesterday they (have, had)lunch (at, on)12:30 (of, in)their school.

2.She (will, does)have to stay (in, at)home and (look, like)after her grandma, because she is ill.

3.We (see, saw)a lot of new houses (on, in)our way (to, from)Shunyi.

参考答案: 九、1.had, at, in 2.will, at, look 3.saw, on, to


1.the, have, take, good, a, medicine, and,rest .

2.to, Zhong, Shan, Park, get, I, can, how .

3.help, me my, could, lessons, you, with .

4.yesterday, where, they, did, go .

5.came, at, to, we, last, school, night, nine .

参考答案: 十、1.Take the medicine and have a good rest.

2.How can I get to Zhong Shan Park?

3.Could you help me with my lessons?

4.Where did they go yesterday?

5.We came to school at nine last night.

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()1.Could you post the letter for me? A.Yes, I did.

()2.Would you like to have a trip with her? B.I've got a


()3.Did you enjoy the concert? C.You're welcome.

()4.What's the matter with you, Jim? D.We had a picnic in the park.

()5.When shall we start? E.Yes, I'd love to.

()6.What did you do last Friday? F.With pleasure.

()7.Thank you very much. G.At 6 tomorrow


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