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一、Read an write .读一读下列词并写一写。(12分)

1、board _________ 2、picture_________

3、floor ________ 4、 fan________

5、 clean ________ 6、 sweep________

二、Look,read and match.看看,读一读并连一连。(6分)

1、beef 2、 window 3 、cake

A、窗户 B、蛋糕 C、牛肉

三、Choose the best answer .选择正确答案。(15分)

1、Turn ____the light ,please !

A、 under B、 on C、 in

2、We have ____new classroom.

A、the B、 an C、 a

3、We have five new ____.

A、 chair B、 chairs C、 chaires

4、 Let me ____the window.

A、 sweep B、 put up C、 clean

5、 What is this?

It is a ____.

A、 bee B、 egg C、 orange

四、Read and check .读句子,用“√”标出正确的句子。(8分)

1、A Let me clean the window . ( )

B Let she clean the window . ( )

2、A I have two lights and three books.

B I have five picture and many pen .

3、A The picture is under the wall .

B The picture is under the wall.

4、A Put up the picture .

B Turn in the light.


1、Clean the board . A.、 开灯。

2、Turn on the light. B、 擦窗户。

3、Sweep the floor. C、 挂上图。

4、Put up the picture. D、擦黑板。

5、Clean the window. E、打开门。

6、Open the door. F、扫地。

六、我能把下列句子排成一段对话。(12分) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( )

( )Amy: Hello ,Mike.

( )Mike: Really ? Let’s go and have a look .

( )Mike: Hi, Amy. This is Zhang Peng. Our new classmate. ( ) Zhang Peng : Where’s my seat?

( )Amy : Mike, we have a new classmate.

( )Mike: It’s near the door.

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