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牛津小学英语5b练习 Unit 2-3

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Read and judge Ben is playing with his toy car near Mr Black’s house. An old man comes up to him and asks, “Is your father at home?” “Yes.” Ben says. The old man ring the doorbell(按门铃), but there is no answer. He rings the doorbell again. There is still(仍旧) no answer. The old man is not happy. He turns to Ben and asks again, “Is your father at home?” “Yes, he is.” Ben answers. “I ran the doorbell twice(两次), but nobody answered the door!” the old man says. “Oh, I’m sorry. This is not my house. My house is over there.” ( F)1 Ben plays with his toy car near his house. ( F )2.The old wants to see Mr Black. ( F The old man knows Ben and his house. )3 ( F)4 The old man rings the doorbell three times. ( T Ben’s father is at home. )5

改错 1 My parents aren’t at home today. isn’t isn’t 2 There aren’t any coffee in the cup. your 3 Is you father in the study?

补全对话 A: I’m thirty, Mum. have B: Why don’t you _____ some juice,Wnag Bing? A: Where’s the juice? _______ It’s B: ________ in the fridge. isn’t A: There ____ any juice in the fridge, Mum. Is there B: _____ ______ any milk in the fridge? A: No, there isn’t. B: Oh, we have to buy many things. Let’s go to the supermarket this evening. am A: Great! I _____ going to the supermarket. and B: We need some milk, juice, bread, rice _____ apples. Can you help me write them down? A: Sure. But I don’t have a pen. There’s B: _______ a pen near the telephone. A: OK.

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