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姓名 得分 Ⅰ听力部分(30分)

一、 听录音,找出你所听到的单词,将序号填在前面的括号内。(5分) ( )1. A. bedroom B. living room C. kitchen ( )2. A. phone B. bed C. bathroom

( )3. A. sofa B. fridge C. desk

( )4. A. board B. wall C. vegetable

( )5. A. Make the bed B. Sit on the sofa C. Set the table


( )1.A.rice B.kitchen C.bed

( )2.A.window B.study C.pen

( )3.A.noodles B.egg C.milk

( )4.A.notebook B.wall C.father

( )5.A.hair B.drive C.chair


( )Go to the living room. Watch TV.

( )Is she in the study? No, she isn’t.

( )I have a new pen. It’s very nice.

( )Are they on the table? Yes, they are.

( )I’m in the bedroom.

四、听录音,把答语填入括号内。( 10分)

( )1.Is this your bedroom? A. Read a book.

( )2.Are they near the phone? B. Yes, it is.

( )3.Go to the study. C. You can see a bedroom.

( )4.This is my home. D. Take a shower.

( )5.Go to the bathroom. E. No, they aren’t.




(1)____ b (2)_____ u (3)Y _____ (4)K______(5)X_________


(1)Cc______ Ee(2)______Ll_______ (3)_______Qq_________


1、window ( )2、light ( ) 3、picture( )

4、English book ( )5、schoolbag( )6、story-book( )

7、doctor( )8、long hair( ) 9、 thin( )

10、bedroom( )11、kitchen ( )12、( )

13、noodles( )14、uncle ( )15、chopstick( )

16、parents( )17、farmer( )18、vegetable ( )

19、How many books do you have?( )

20、Are they on the table? ( )

三、将下列单词归类。(10分) beef , fish ,book ,kitchen, mother, sister, living room , bag , rice , study 1.family member(家庭成员):__________ ___________ 2.food (食品): ________ _________ __________ 3.school things (学习用品): ______ _______ 4.room(房间):_______ ________ ________ 四、将问句的答语填入题前括号内。(5分) ( )1.What’s your father? A. Sure, here you are. ( )2.How many books do you have? B. Yes, she is. ( )3.May I have a look? C. I have 3. ( )4.What would you like? D. He is a doctor. ( )5.Is she in the study? E. I’d like some beef. 五、选出正确的英文释义。(5分) ( )1、你叔叔是做什么的? A. What’s your uncle? B. Who’s your uncle? ( )2、你想要什么? A. What do you like? B. What would you like? ( )3、晚饭吃什么? A. What’s for dinner? B. What’s dinner? ( )4、我的笔记本在哪里? A. Where is my Chinese book? B. Where is my notebook? ( )5、这位司机在书房里。 A. The driver is in the study. B. The teacher is in the kitchen.

六、连词组句。(10分) 1. your, What’s , father’s , job? __________________________________ 2.classroom , in, the, What’s ? __________________________________ 3.would, like, you, What ? ___________________________________ 4.study, Are, in, the, they ? ___________________________________ 5. books, many, How, you , do, have? ________________________________________

”或“ ”。(10分)

七、阅读短文,判断下列句子正误,在括号内打“ I’m Tom. I’m ten years old. I live near the school. In my family there are three people. My mother, my father and I. My father is a driver. He is friendly(友好). My mother is a teacher. She does housework every day. I love my parents.

( )1.Tom is ten years old.

( )2.There are three people in his family.

( )3.His father is a teacher.

( )4.Tom’s mother is a driver.

( )5.Tom loves his parents.

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