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一、 英汉互译。(10)

1. 苹果树_________________ 6. milk cows___________________

2. 课前___________________ 7. come after __________________

3. 赏月___________________ 8. in front of me ________________

4. 在儿童节_______________ 9. dress up in costumes ___________

5. 下车___________________ 10. visit relatives and friends_________

二、 选择题。(10)

( )1. This is not ______ teapot. ______ is on the desk.

A.mine,My B.me,My C.my,Mine D.my,Me

( )2.My father showed ______ his stamps last night..

A.us B.we C.ours D.he

( )3. Look! Liu Tao is talking ______ his sister ______ Janpanese cartoons.

A.to,with B.to,about C.with,for D.about,with

( )4.There ______ many fruit trees two years ago.

A.are B.is C.were D.was

( )5. National Day is on ______.

A.the1st of Oct. B.the1st of Jan. C. the1st of Jun. D. the1st of Dec.

( )6. The bus stopped and some people ______ off.

A.get B.went C.go D.got

( )7. People usually make pumpkin lanterns at ______.

A.Halloween B.Easter C.Christmas D.May Day

( )8. When’s Spring Festival? It’s ______ January ______ February.

A.at,or B.in,or C.on,and D.in,and

( )9.______ calculator is it? It’s his.

A.What B.Whose C.Who D.Who’s

( )10. I have ______ questions about public signs.

A.lot of B.a lots of C.a lot of D.a lot

三、 用所给单词的正确形式填空。(10)

1. It is the 18th of December. Christmas is _______ (come).

2. Su Hai and Su Yang ______ (go) to the supermarket last Sunday.

3. My wallet is blue. _______(you) is black.

4. I want ______ (go) to the zoo with my parents.

5. Can you open the present for ______ (me), please?

6. David usually ______ (eat) moon cakes at Mid-Autumn Festival?

7. It ______ (be) the National Day holiday last week.

8. My Grandpa likes _______ (drink) tea very much.

9. Everyboday ______ (be) very excited last Spring Festival.

10. Listen, the boys ______ (sing) an English song.

四、 按要求改写句子。(5)

1. I had a big lunch with my family last Spring Festival.(改为一般疑问句)

_______ you ______ a big lunch with your family last Spring Festival?

2. 对划线部分提问) _______ is the watch from?

3. It’s my skateboard.(改为同义句) The skateboard is _______.

4. Nancy visited a farm last week.(改为否定句) Nancy didin’t _______ a farm last week.

五、 根据中文,完成句子。(15)

1. 人们在端午节通常会做些什么?他们通常吃粽子。

What do ______ usually do ______ Dragon Boat ______? They eat ______ dumplings.

2. 圣诞节是在什么时候?它是在十二月二十五日。

______ Christmas? It’s ______ the 25th of December.

3. 你最喜欢的节日是什么?我最喜欢的节日是元旦。


What’s your ______ ______? It’s New ______ Day.

4. 圣诞树下有如此多的礼物。There are ______ ______ ______ under the Christmas tree.

5. 那些梳子是我妈妈的。它们是我爸爸送的。

Those ______ are my ______. They’re ______ my father.

六、 阅读理解。


A dog has large piece of meat(肉) in his mouth. When he is walking on

a small bridge(桥), he looks down and sees himself in the water. He thinks it is another dog. That dog has also a large piece of meat in his mouth. He says to himself, “I want to get his meat. Then I can have two pieces of meat.” He opens his mouth to bark(吠叫) the dog in the water ,and his meat falls into water.

( )1.The dog has a small piece of meat. ( )2.He wants to get two pieces of meat.

( )3.He finds another dog in the water. ( )4.The dog is standing on the grass.

( )5.He has no meat at last.


Mr. White lives in a tall building. He lives on the sixteenth floor. Every day, he takes a lift

(电梯)up and down.

One Saturday afternoon, he went shopping with his little son and bought many things. They drove back and carried all the things up to the lift. Suddenly they saw a piece of paper on the wall. It said,“Dear sirs, there’s something wrong with the lift. Please use the stairs(楼梯) now.”The son took a bag and ran upstairs quickly. But Mr. White walked and walked.

At last they stood in front of their door feeling very tired. Mr. White began to look for the keys, but he could not find them. Suddenly he shouted(叫) in a loud voice,“Oh, no! I’ve left(放) my keys in the car.”

( ) 1. Mr. White lives on the _______ floor.

A. 14th B. 15th C. 16th

( ) 2. Does he take a lift every day? .

A. Yes, he does. B. No, he doesn’t. C. I don’t know.

( ) 3. Did they buy many things? .

A. Yes, they did. B. No, they didn’t. C. Yes, they were.

( ) 4. Why didn’t they use the lift? Because .

A. they wanted to exercise their body. B. they like walking upstairs.

C. there’s something wrong with the lift.

( ) 5. Where were the keys ? A. At home. B. In the car. C. In his bag. 用所给动词的适当形式填空

1. I ______(go) to a party Last summer holiday,. It _____(be) fun.

2. I like ________(eat) moon cakes at the Mid-Autumn Festival.

3. It is the 18th of December. Christmas is _________(come).

4. What holiday ______(come) after Christmas? 5. We all ________(have) delicious food last week.

6. They are________ (get) very excited now.

7. Mr. Green ______(talk) to his students about holidays now .

8. What ______ Nancy _______(do) last Spring Festival?

9. My favourite holiday _________(be) Halloween.

10. Helen often _______(do) her homework every evening. Look! She ________ (do) her

homework now.

11.Are you from different _______(country)

12.We (be) very tired after we_______ (walk) in the mountains.


( )1. What you last Mid-Autumn Festival?

A. do, do B. did, did C. did, does D. did, do

( )2. People usually visit their relatives Spring Festival. A. at B. on C. in D. to 2

( )3. The Dragon Boat Festival is May June. A. at, or B. in, or C. on, and D. in, and

( )4. What holiday ______ Christmas? A. come in B.comes at C. come after D.comes before ( )5. Where________ Su Yang and her mother last weekend? A. was B. is C. are D. were 翻译句子

1. 去年春天你拜访了你的朋友了吗? 是的, 我去拜访了。

_____you____________your_______and_____?Yes, I_________

2. 五一劳动节的时候人们通常干什么?他们通常去公园。

What _____ _____ usually______ ________ ______ _____ ? They uaually ____ ___ ___

3. 你去年中秋节的时候吃月饼了吗?不,我没有吃。

___you____ ____ cakes____ _______Festival?No, I __ _

4. 今天是六月一日.____is ______ _______ _______ __________

5.他们上周乘公共汽车去公园。 They ____to the park _____ _____last__________ 6王兵喜欢在星期天去溜冰。 Wang Bing _____ _____ _______ on Sunday

7.圣诞节之后到来的是什么节日? What_____ _____ _____ Christmas?

8 人们通常在原单那天做什么?他们通常吃许多美味的食物。

_____ do_____ usually on _____ _____ _____ ? They usually_____ ___ __of _____ food. 用所给词的适当形式填空。

1. This is not ____(my) purse. It’s_____ (he ) . 2. Mary’s brother ______(like )_______ (run).

3. _______(you) orange is on the desk. This is _______(I)

4.I like my lovely cat . ________(it) hair is white .

5.Last Sunday I visited my grandma . _______(her) is 90 years old .

6. Do you like Mr Green ? Yes , we all like _________(he).

7 The boys are playing with skateboards. Let’s go and watch _______(their)playing。

8.That is not_______ kite .That kite is very small,but ________is very big.(I)

9. The girl behind________ is our friend .(she ) 10. Show _______your kite ,OK ? (they )

11.Can you help_______ (I) with________ (I ) English ?

12.My book is on the desk .________ ( she ) is in the bag .

13. The tie is my________ (father ) .

选择填空: ( )1. Is this your watch? __________

A. Yes, it’s his. B. Yes, it’s mine. C. Yes, it’s my. D. Yes, it isn’t.

( )2. I would like___________ , please.

A. two cartons of milks B. two carton of milk C. two cartons of milk D. two cartons in milk ( )3. Is this ____________computer ? No, it’s not ________.

A. your, mine B. your, my C. yours, hers D. yours, mine

( )4. There __________two glasses of juice on the table a moment ago.

A. were B. was C. is D. are

( )5. This is __________calculator. _________is over there.

A. his, His B. her, his C. hers , Her D. his, Hers

( )6. My father likes _________stories at the weekends.

A. watching B. seeing C. looking D. reading



_______ _________ _______many presents ______the ________ _________.

2.我的舅舅喜欢喝绿茶。 My uncle _________ _________green tea .

3.这些不是他们的杂志,是我们的。 These aren’t __________magazines . ________ ________.

4.这个玩具火车是我爷爷送的This _____ ________is ________my Grandpa.

5. 杨玲是我的一位好朋友 。 Yang Ling is a _______of __________ .

6.你能为我打开礼物吗? ______ _______open the present_______ _______

Mr Smith gave his wife ten pounds for her birthday. So the day after her birthday, Mrs Smith went shopping. She got on a bus and sat down next to an old lady.

After a while, she saw that the old lady’s handbag was open. Inside it she saw a wad of pound notes 3

just like hers. So she quickly opened her own bag and looked into it. The notes were gone.

Mrs Smith was sure that the old lady had stolen them. She thought she would have to call the policeman; but, as she didn’t like making a fuss and getting people into trouble, she decided to take back the money from the old lady’s handbag and say nothing about it. She looked around the bus to make sure that nobody was watching, then she carefully put her hand into the old lady’s bag, took the notes and put them in her own bag.

When she got home that evening, she showed her husband the beautiful hat. She had bought it that afternoon. “How did you pay for it?” he asked。

“With the money for my birthday ,of course。”she replied。 ”What’s that then?” he asked as he pointed to a wad of ten-pound notes on the table.

1. Mrs Smith went shopping_____.

A after a while B on her birthday C the day after her birthday D ten days later

2. Mrs Smith wanted to buy_____ with the ten-pound notes.

A a cap B a hat C a handbag D a hat and a bag

3. The old lady sitting____ her and her handbag open.

A besides B in front of C next to D behind

4. Mrs Smith saw___ in the old lady’s handbag.

A a pound note B a wad of ten pound notes C a wad of pound notes D ten pounds

5. Mrs Smith didn’t call the policeman because____.

A she was on the bus B she was not sure whether she had the ten pound notes with her

C she was too angry to do so D she didn’t like to make trouble for others


In some foreign countries, some people do not like the number 13. They don’t think 13 is a lucky number. For example, they don’t like to live on the thirteenth floor.

My friend Jack has got the same idea. One day, he asked some friends to dinner, When all of his friends arrived, he asked them to sit around the dinner table. He began to count the people in his mind while they were having the delicious food. Suddenly, he cried out,“ Oh, there are thirteen people here!’’ Everybody’s face turned white except Mr Brown. He said slowly with a smile on his face,“ Don’t worry, dear friends! We have fourteen people here. My wife will have a baby in a few weeks. She’s in the family way now.”

All of them became happy again.“ Congratulations!” they said to Mr and Mrs Brown. They enjoyed the nice food and had a good time that evening.

1. ____ were asked to dinner that day.

A Jack and I B Some of my friends C 14 people D Some of Jack’s friends

2. Jack began to count the people_____.

A before dinner B at dinner time C after dinner D when they came in

3. My friend Jack____ the number 13.

A likes B doesn’t C has got D wants

4. Why did their faces turn white when Jack said there were 13 people?

A Because the table was too small B Because they needed another person

C Because they thought 13 was a lucky number D Because they thought 13 was an unlucky number

5. All the people became happy again____.

A when I went in B because they had a good time

C because the food was delicious D because they heard they had one more person there


The New Year’s Eve p_____ was going on when the bell rang. A tall man opened the door and c____ in. Nobody knew him, but the host went over and took h____in. The man sat there happily for an hour and d_____. Then he said, “invited me to this party。I don’t k____ you, or anyone else here. My wife and I w_____ to go out in our car, but one of your friend’s c____ was in front of our gate, so I came here to f_____ him, and my wife is still w_____ in our car!”


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