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一、听录音,选出你所听到的内容。每题读两遍。(5分) ( ) 1. A. computer B. math C. science ( ) 2. A. Monday B. Tuesday C. Thursday ( ) 3. A. do homework B. play sports C. watch TV ( ) 4. A. potato B. eggplant C. cabbage ( ) 5. A. salty B. tasty C. Sour



( ) 1、I have Chinese , P.E. and music on Tuesdays.( ) 2、--Who’s that young lady?

--She’s our math teacher.

( ) 3、Our principal is kind and active.

( ) 4、Chen Jie is hungry . She’d like green beans and cabbage for dinner.

( ) 5、Bananas are my favourite fruit , because they’re healthy.

三、听问句,选择正确的答句。每题读两遍(10分)( ) 1. A. It’s Thursday. B. I have P.E.新课 标第一 网 ( ) 2. A. His name is Wu Yifan. B. He’s tall and strong. ( ) 3. A. I often watch TV. B. I like football. ( ) 4. A. Yes, he is. B. He’s our principal. ( ) 5. A. No. she isn’t. She’s kind. B. He’s young.

四、听录音,排序。读两遍(10分) ( ) I know. He’s my father. ( ) What’s he like?

( ) Mr Carter. He’s from Canada.

( ) He’s tall and strong. He’s very funny. ( ) Who’s your English teacher?


A: Hi, Lily. I have a new friend. Her name is Sarah. B: What’s she ______?

A: She’s ____ and thin. We are in the same class. B: What do you have on _______?

A: We have English, ______ , music and P.E. B: What’s her favorite food?

A:Her favorite food is tofu. Because it’s ______.



1、young, tall ___________ 2、Monday, Saturday __________ 3、fish, potato ___________ 4、tasty, sweet ____________ 5. play computer games, do housework _____________________ 二、单项选择(10分)

( ) 1. I don't like grapes. They are ____.

A .sweet B. sour C. healthy ( ) 2. ---What would you like for lunch?

- I'd like some ______.

A. green beans B. green bean C. bean ( ) 3. What ______you?

A. are B. about C. do

( ) 4. What do you ______ on Saturdays?

A. do B. are C. does

( ) 5. _______is the first day in a week.

A. Friday B. Monday C. Sunday

( ) 6. Do you have a new teacher?

A. Yes, I am. B. No, I don't. C. No, I do.

( ) 7. --- _______your math teacher?--- Mr Zhao.

A. What's B. Who's C. Where's ( ) 8. --- What's he like?

--- He's _______. A. funny B. fun C. principal

( ) 9. --- Is she quiet?

--- _______

A. Yes, she isn't. B. No, she is. C. No, she isn't. ( ) 10. It’s time ______get up. Hurry up!

A. for B. on C. to 三、按要求完成下列句子。(10分)

1、like What Miss White i s ( ? ) (连词成句) ___ 2、food your What’s favourite (? ) (连词成句) __ 3、We have art and music at Mondays. (改错句) ___ 4、What do you do on Sundays? (根据实际情况回答) _________________________________________________ 5、Is your English teacher strict? (做否定回答)

_________________________________________________ 四、选择正确答案,把字母序号写在括号里。(5分)

( )1.What would you like for lunch? A. I like apples. ( )2. What do you have on Thursdays? B. I have English and music.

( )3. What’s your favourite fruit? C. She is young and pretty.

( )4. What’s your English teacher like? D. It’s Saturday. ( )5. What day is it tomorrow? E. I’d like some pork and tomatoes.

新|课 |标| 第| 一|网 五、阅读理解。(20分)


阅读下面对话,根据对话内容判断下列句子的对错,正确的在括号里写“T”,错误的写“F”。(10分) Sarah: Chen Jie:Hi, Sarah. Do you have new teachers?

Hi, Chen Jie.

Sarah: Yes. We have three new teachers. Chen Jie:Who are they?


Sarah: An English teacher, a music teacher and a Chinese

Chen Jie:Wow, it’s so good. Who’s your English teacher? Sarah: Miss White. She’s very active . Her class is so much

fun. We all like her.

Chen Jie:What’s she like?

Sarah: She’s tall and thin. She’s young. We have English class today.

Chen Jie:That’s great!

( ) 1. Sarah has three new teachers. ( ) 2. Sarah’s Chinese teacher is a new teacher. ( ) 3. Miss White is a music teacher. ( ) 4. Miss White is short and thin.

( ) 5. Sarah has English class today.


My name is Li Ming. I’m ten years old. I have lunch at school. I like Monday and Thursday. Because I can eat mutton on Mondays and I have computer class on Thursdays. My favourite teacher is Mr Liu. He’s my Chinese teacher. He is funny and kind. We all like him very much.

( )1、Li Ming is ______years old.

A、nine B、ten C、eleven

( )2、Li Ming has _______at ________.

A、breakfast ; school B、lunch ; home C、lunch ;


( )3、His favourite days are __________.

A、Monday and Thursday B、Tuesday and


C、Wednesday and Sunday

( )4、What does he have on Thursdays?

He has ______ on Thursday.

A、mutton B、computer class C、science class

( )5、Mr Liu is Li Ming’s ________teacher.

A、English B、Chinese C、music




听力材料X|k |b| 1 . c|o |m


1. computer 2. Tuesday 3. watch TV 4. eggplant B: What’A: She’B: What’s her favorite food?

A:Her favorite food is tofu. Because it’5. sour


1. I have Chinese , P.E., and music on Mondays.

2. --Who’s that young lady? --She’s our English teacher.

3. Our principal is kind and strict.

4. Chen Jie is hungry . She’d like green beans and cabbage for lunch.

5. Bananas are my favourite fruit , because they’re healthy.


1、What day is it today?

2、What’s he like ?

3、What do you do on Saturdays?

4、Who’s that man ?

5、Miss White is my art teacher . Is she strict ?


1、Who’s your English teacher?

2、Mr Carter. He’s from Canada.

3、What’s he like?

4、He’s tall and strong. He’s very funny.

5、I know. He’s my father.


A: Hi, Lily. I have a new friend. Her name is Sarah.

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