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sheep( ) uncle( ) sleep( ) how( ) cow( ) now( ) candy( ) enough( ) frog( ) timetable( ) brown( ) Miss( ) student( ) tall( ) grow( ) ball( ) huge( ) above( ) grape( ) science( )


( )1. A. I like apples。

B. I like science。

( )2. A. We have math at 9:00。

B. We have butter and tofu。

( )3. A. We play baseball and table tennis。

B. I watch TV and do homework。

( )4. A. It’s my football。

B. She is my aunt。

( )5. A. Yes, he is。

B. Yes, she is。



young(反义词above(反义词同音词 they’re(完全形式三单形式对称词 peach(复数形式名词性物主代词(复数) behind(反义词)六、用所给词的正确形式填空(10分)

1、(do)Jia Ming like to play football?

2、(play) together.

3、What’s (she) favorite class?

4、 (be) the grapes?

5、Time 七、单项选择(15分)

( ) 1. Do you have English on Monday?

A. Yes, I am. B. No, I don't. C. No, I do.

( ) 2. _______ your math teacher? ----Mr Wu.

A. What's B. Who's C. Where's

( ) 3. — What's he doing?

— He's _______.

A. eating apples B. eat apples C.eating a apple ( ) 4. How many pears Lily have?

A. does. B.do . C. is.

( ) 5.Where’s the tofu?

A. Above the butter B.Above butters C.Above butter

( ) 6. What class do we have on Monday? We have _______.

A. Monday B. science C. fruit

( ) 7. What do you ______ on Saturdays?

A. is B. does C. do ( ) 8. School 8:20.

A. start B. starts C. is start ( ) 9.A: ball is it?

B:It’s my ball.

A. What B. Whose C. Where ( )10.A: .Where are the oranges?

A .Hello B. Hi C.Excuse me


1. what, have, you, on, , do, Monday, classes?


3. does,want,candy,he,some?


5. color, is,ball ,what, the?


1. 你最喜欢什么课?

2. 我们吃豆腐和黄油。


4. I don’t have my civic education book.

5.How many pears does your mum want?。


My name is Jack. I am a pupil of Grade One. I’m in No.1 Middle School. On weekdays I get up at six o’clock. I have breakfast at seven and then I go to school by bike. We begin our class at eight o’clock in the morning. We have four classes in the morning and three in the afternoon.

At noon, I have lunch at home. Classes are over at four fifteen in the afternoon. After class, we often play football in the afternoon. I go home at about five.

I have dinner at about six thirty in the evening. I do my homework at seven thirty.

At weekend, I watch TV . I often go to bed at ten. I’m very happy.


( )1. Jack is a pupil in ______ .

A. Class One B. Grade One

C. Class Two D. Grade Two

( )2. Jack gets up at _________ in the morning .

A. five B. six C. seven D. eight

( )3. After class they often play ______ on the playground .

A. volleyball B. basketball

C. football D. ping-pong

( )4. Jack often watches TV on __________ .

A. Monday B. Thursday C. Sunday D. Tuesday

( )5. Which is true (真实的)? _________ .

A. Jack is a good boy . B. Jack has his lunch at school .

C. Jack watches TV every day .

D. Jack is is not happy

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