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Unit 4 I have a pen pal.
P51 B Let’s read

My New Friend By Liu Yun
? Alice is my new friend. She lives in Australia. Alice是我的新朋友。她居住在澳大利亚。 ? Her father works in a school. He is a teacher. ? 她的爸爸在学校上班。他是一名教师。 ? He goes to work by bus.他坐公交去上班。 Her mother is a nurse. She works in a hospital. 她的妈妈是一名护士。她在医院上班。 She goes to work by car.她开车去上班。

? Alice and her sister are twins. They look the same, but they are very different. ? Alice和她的妹妹是双胞胎,他们看起来很 像,但是他们非常的不同。 ? Every morning, Alice goes to school by bike, but Ann goes to school on foot. ? 每天早上,Alice骑自行车去上学 ,但是 Ann步行去上学。

? Every evening, Alice reads newspapers. Her sister Ann watches cartoons on TV. 每天晚上,Alice阅读报纸。她的妹妹Ann看 电视上播放的卡通片。 ? Alice usually plays at the park on Saturday. Ann usually makes kites. 周六,Alice通常在公园里玩。Ann通常制作 风筝。

? I write an email to Alice every week. Alice says her family is coming to China soon. I am excited. ? 我每周给Alice写一封电子邮件。Alice说她 家很快就要来中国了。我非常激动。

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