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小学四年级英语 (满分100分,时间:60分钟)

一、找出不同类别的单词,将其序号填入题前的括号内。(10分) ( )1. A.fast B. happy C.apple ( )2. A.hungry B.peanut C.biscuit ( )3. A. sweets B. bread C. today ( )4. A. jump B. clothes C. run ( )5. A. sports day B. jump high C. run fast 二、英汉短语互译互译。(20分)

1.turn on _________ 2. 向右转________ 3.Chinese fast food______ 4跳远______

5.好运气______ 6.excuse me_______ 7.运动日________ 8.起床_____

9. high jump______ 10.和……交谈_______ 三、选择填空,将答案序号填入题前括号中。(15分)

( )1.what are you doing. Mum? I’m ____vegetable. A. cooking B. cook C. run ( )2. Amy .can you ______fast? A. running B. runs C. run

( )3.Can you play the flute.Sam? No ,I______ A.can B. can’t C.don’t ( )4.They_____going to Haina. A. is B.are C.am ( )5.we’re going _____plane.

A.by B.on C.in ( )6.she is going to______her teacher.

A .look B.see C.visit

( )7.xiaohong is going to get up_____5o’clock.

A.On B.at C.for

( )8.we’re going to have a_____

A.Sports day B.sport day .C.sports day ( )9.I’m the______.

A. winer B.win C.winner

( )10.I’m going to___the high jump. A.do B.make C.have

( )11.----Do you want some rice? ----__________. A. Sorry, I do. B. Yes, I don’t. C. Yes, please. ( )12.----What is Daming doing? ----He _________pictures. A. is talking B. take C. is taking ( )13.-----Can you play _________flute? -------No, but I can play_______football. A. the, the B. the ,a C. the,× ( )14.姐姐有一个运动日.你祝福她应该怎么说:____

A.come on B.thank you C.good luck ( )15.Let’s a look.

A. have B. to have C. having 四、写出下列单词的相应形式。(10分)

1.write (现在分词) 2. down (反义词)

3. get(现在分词) 4.listen (现在分词)

5. right( 同音词) 6.old(反义词) I’m to every morning. 7. wash (第三人称单数) 8. man( 复数) 3. 萨姆,你能跳得远吗?

9.child( 复数) 10. run (现在分词) Sam, you ? 五、将答语序号填入正确的问句前面的括号里。(10分)

( )1 What are you doing ? A.They are going to play 4.让我们上车吧!

Let’s the bus!5.超市在车站附近。 football.

( )2.Can I have some noodles? B.Yes, I can. ( )3.Do you want some apples? C. I’m taking photos. ( )4.Can you play chess? D. Sorry, you can’t. ( )5.What are they going to do? E .No,I don’t. 六、连词成句。(15分)

1. is, reading , book, she , a ( . )

2. to , luck , you , good (. )

3.going ,to , Hainan ,we’re , go, to ( . ) 4.beside , it’s , the , supermarket ( . )

5. going, to , get, up , 5o’clock , at ,we’re ( . ) 七、根据汉语意思,将下列句子补充完整。每空一词。(10分) 1.他正在和朋友交谈。

She’s her friend. 2.我打算每天早晨跑步。

The supermarket is the station. 阅读短文,选择正确的答案。(10分)

Next month we are going to have a sports day. Wang Gang can run fast. He’s going to run the 400 metres. Lily can jump far. She’s going to do the long jump. Andy can jump high. He’s going to do the high jump . Xiaoming can swim fast . He is going to swim. ( )1. We are going to have a . A. Meeting B. Sports day C. Party ( )2. Lily is going to .

A. do the high jump B. do the long jump C. Run ( )3.Wang Gang is going to run .

A. the 400 metres B. the 100 meters C. the 200 metres ( )4. Andy can .

A. jump long B. run fast C. jump high ( )5.Xiaoming is going to . A.swim B. climb C. fish

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