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The North 第四段 (p58---59)
云师大文学院 刘中奎

课文:As NYC established itself as the main port forimmigrants from Europe,various waves of ethnic groups gave the North an even more polyglot society.
翻译:当纽约城作为一个为来自欧洲的 移民建立的居留地之时,一波接一波 的种族移民使南部成为了一个多语言 集合的社会。

原文:“Chain migrations”reached
into Europe as one immigrant family from a single toen would cause a linkage,pulling scores of relatives, friends,and former neighbors to America.

翻译:连锁性迁移延伸到了欧洲, 当一个家庭总会带动有联系的大量 的亲戚、朋友和先前的左邻右舍从 一个单一的城镇移民到美国,。


Startingin1892,imigigrants were processed at Ellis Island before most of them settled in neighborhoods of their own cultures.
翻译:1892年开始,在移民中的大多数带着他们自 己的文化定居在街区之前,他们都在埃利斯岛接 受审查登记。

原文: Here the immigrants found people,languge,food,Andhistorical knowledge which kept alive Old World cultures while they made the transition to the overarching American culture. 翻译:尽管移民们过渡到了主流的美国 文化之中,但这里的移民依旧继续着 他们旧世界(故乡)的种族、语言、 饮食和历史知识的文化传统。


from all over the world,even those who could never imagine themselves as Americans,identify with New Yorkers. 翻译:今天,来自全世界的人们 到了美国,甚至都从没假想过 他们自己就是美国人,而只是 认同自己的纽约人身份。

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