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五年级外研社版Module9 feelings

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Module 9 Feelings


难过的s___d 生气的a__g__ __ 疲惫的t__ __ __d 比赛 g__ m ___ 农场f__ ___ m 高兴地 ha __ __ ___ 无聊的 __ __r__ d 感觉到f__ __ l


1、Today I helped my mother clean the room. Now I feel ________.

2、Yesterday I lost my book, so I feel _________.

3、It’s raining today, I feel _________.

4、I played with my friends all day yesterday, I feel _________.


1、—What are you thing about?

— ____________________.

A.Nothing B.It’s a secreat C.I’m sad. D. Yes

2、—Is he feeling sad?


A. Yes, I am. B.Yes, she is. C.No, he can’t. D. No, he isn’t

3、—Do you feel tired?


A. Yes, I did. B. Yes, I am. C.Yes, she is. D.Yes, he is.

4、I am going to make you a surprise cake _______ your birthday.

A. in B. at C. on D. of


1、feeling you angry Are ?


2、is She sad feeling .


3、nine starts school My at o’clock .


4、time What you do up get ?


5、run you Can fast ?



She is feeling sad.



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