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五年级外研社版Module 10 Manners You should look

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Module 10 Manners You should look ,then cross the road.

一、Read and tick.

1、You _______ look, the cross the road.

A、should B、shouldn’t

2、You _______ eat fruit.

A、should B、shouldn’t

3、You should _______ in the road.

A、should B、shouldn’t

4、You shouldn’t walk ____ the road.

A、in B、on C.at

5、This man is ______.He can't see.

A、deaf B、blind C、hear


A、much, many B、many, enough C、many, much



You ______ help his mother.


She ______ put food on the floor.


She ______ dance.


He _______ jump high.

5、You _________ say hello to this man.

三、Complete the sentences.

1、cross \ should\ then \ You \ look \ road.


2、 should \ hold \ hand \ my \ You.


3、 You\ walk \ in road \ shouldn’t \ the


4、 you\ run\ fast \ Can ?


5、school\ starts \o’clock\ at \ nine \My


6、blind \can’t\ he\ is\ This\ man\see


7、 ten / in / are / pencil / there / the / box / blue .


8、that /yours / is / pen.


9、at did the you do weekend What



How do you feel? No, it’s mine.

Can I help you? One kilo, please.

Are you bored? I’m tied.

Is this his T-shirt? Six ,please.

How many eggs do you want? At seven o’clock.

How much rice do you want? Yes, please. I can’t do it. What time do you get up ? No, I’m sing badly.

Can you sing? No, I’m not.

五、Read ,then write “T” or “F”.

Last weekend, my other and I visited to my grandmother. My grandmother lived in the farm. We went there by bus. I helped my grandmother all day, but I feel so happy. There are too many sheep. I can fed the sheep.

( )1、Yesterday my other and I visited to my grandmother.

( )2、We walk to the farm.

( )3、Last weekend I feel bored.

( )4、My grandmother lived in the city.

( )5、I can fed the dog.


You should look, then cross the road.

You shouldn’

t argue.

You should hold my hand.

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