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总分:100分 时间:45分钟

姓名:__________ 成绩:___________


1. look! It’s the________ light, so we must wait.

2. look! It’s the________ light, so we must stop.

3. look! It’s the ________light, so we can go.



1. car 2. ship 3. bus 4. train 5. plane ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( )

A. B. C.




( ) 1.Usually I go to school on_______.

A. bike B. foot C. plane ( )2. _______ do you go to school?

A. How B. Who C. Where

( )3.In England and Australia, drivers drive on the ____side of the road.

A. left B. right C. straight ( )4.______ at a yellow light.

A. Stop B. Wait C. Go

( )5.If you go by car, by bike or on foot, you must know the ________ .

A. traffic lights B. traffic C. traffic light ( )6.Can I go on foot?

A. Yes, you can. B. I go there on foot.

( )7. Look at the traffic lights.

A. We must stop. B. It’s not far.

( )8.How can I get to the supermarket?

A. You can get there by bike. B. Yes , you can.

( )9.当你建议和朋友一起去动物园的时候,你应该说:

A. Let’s go to the zoo. B. How do you go to the zoo? ( )10.当你询问别人怎样去Australia时,应该说:

A. Do you go to Australia by plane?

B. How do you go to Australia?


1 .I go to Beijing by plane.

2 .I go to the zoo by bus.

3 .I go to the book store by subway.

4 .I go to the supermarket by bike.

5 .I go to school on foot.



( )1.You can go by train. ( )2.You can go straight. ( )3. Go at a green light. ( )4.I go to school by bus.

A. B. C. D.


where, how, on foot , near , bus , go to

A:Let's ________the park this morning.

B:Great!But ________do we go to the park?

A:It's easy. Come to my home by ________.

B:OK. But ________is the park?

A:It's ________my home.We can go __________.


( )1. 想询问对方是怎样去学校的,可以问:

A. How do you go to school? B. How can I go to school ?

( ) 2. 想询问对方“我”可以怎样去公园,可以这样问:

A. How do you go to the park? B. How can I go to the park?

( ) 3. 别人跟你说“Thank you!”,你应该这样回答:

A. You’re welcome. B. Ok..

( ) 4. “我可以走路去吗?”,应该这样问:

A. Can I go on foot ? B. Can I go by bike?

( ) 5. 想知道别人的名字可以这样问:

A. How are you ? B. What’s your name ?


1.to, do, you, school, How, go


2.No. 15, can, You, by, go, bus, the


3.to, go, school, I, foot, usually, on


4.Usually, bus, Mike, by, goes


5.Park, to, How, I, get, can, Zhongshan


十一、连线成句。(10%) 1. How do you the traffic lights.

2. Wait by bike. 3. Look at go to the USA? 4. Sometimes I go at a yellow light. 5. How can I

get to the zoo?

十二、Read and write.读句子,根据图片在相应的横线上写出单词(12分)

1. -How do you go to school?

-I go to school _________ _________

2. -_________ _________ _________ go to Shanghai?

-I go _________ _________

3. -How do you go to the _________(公园)?

-Usually I go to the park _________ _________. Sometimes I go _________ .

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