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Unit 2 What Do You Have on the farm课件

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Unit 2 What Do They Have on the Farm?

I live on a farm. I can say, "Oink-oink" oink .I am a... I am an animal kept by farmers to produce milk. I am a... . I let people ride on my back.
I lay eggs. I am a...

I am a...

What are your grandpa are and grandma?


They are farmers. They have a small farm.

Yes .It’s nice.

They have pigs, ducks,… many animals.

What do they have on the farm?

What does Colin have in his box?

He has cars, planes and ships. But he doesn’t have a kite.

They have bears, ducks, rabbits and sheep, But they don’t have any horses.

What do they have in the box?

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