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一、我会填:写出下列字母的左邻右舍。( 10分)

C__E__ __M__ h__ __k w__ __z __ P__R

二. 我会填:补全下列单词。( 10分)

era _e_ ju_ _e b _k_ g_ r_ yel _o_ tig _ _

_lep_ _nt pl_ _e p_ _ _ _own


( ) 1. What color are these? A.I have cars.

( ) 2. Goodbye! B. Me, too.

( ) 3. How are you? C. They are ships.

( ) 4. Good night! D. Yes, they are.

( ) 5. What are these? E. They are blue.

( ) 6. What is it? F. I’m fine.

( ) 7. Are those apples? G. It’s a rabbit.

( ) 8. What do you have? H. It’s green.

( ) 9. What color is it? I. Good night!

( ) 10. Nice to meet you. J. Bye-bye!


( )1.I have a and some____.

A. pencil crayons B. pencils crayons C. pencils crayons

( )2.Do you have a pen ? --No, I .

A. do B. have C. don't

( ) 3. I have__ eraser and __ ruler.

A. a, an B. an, a C. a, a

( ) 4. Show me ____ bag.

A.I B. you C. your

( ) 5.How many ___ do you have? ---I have two planes.

A. toy B. toys C. pens

( ) 6.___ this?

A. It’s B. What’s C. I’m

( ) 7.This __ Colin.

A. are B. is C. am ( ) 8. are white and black.

A. They B. The C.This

( ) 9. B is ___ “boy”.

A. in B. on C. at

( ) 10.I am fine, _____ you.

A. Thank B. thanks C. thank


( )1.你想问他有蓝色蜡笔吗,你会说:

A. Do you have a blue crayon?

B. Do you have a green crayon?

( )2.你想问李珊的兔子是什么颜色的,你会说;

A. How many rabbits? B. What color is your rabbit?

( )3.你想问远处那个东西是什么时,应说:

A. What’s this? B. What’s that?

( )4.客人和妈妈道别时,他们会对妈妈说:

A. Hi!

B. Goodbye!

( )5.爸爸下班回到家,你会对他说:

A. Good night,Dad!

B. Good evening,Dad!

( )6.你喜欢红色的苹果,该怎样表达?

A. I like apples.

B. I like red apples.

( )7.刚认识了新同学,你会说:

A. Nice to meet you.

B. How are you?

( )8.你想知道大力的书包里有什么,可以怎么问他呢?

A. What’s in your bag?

B. Is this your bag?

( )9.你怎样赞美好朋友的书包漂亮呢?

A. How many?

B. How nice!

( )10.你想给好朋友展示自己的漂亮铅笔,可以怎么说呢?

A. Here is my nice pen.

B. Here is my nice pencil.


two bag lion bo one five panda three


1. is your what name

2. I books some have

3. at toys look my

4. monkeys are these

5. pear is a this

ok bear eraser

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