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2012-2013学年七年级英语上学期期末考试试题 人教新目标版



友情提示:请同学们将第I卷1— 75小题做在答题卡上,第76--107小题做在答题卷上。




I. 听录音,选择正确的图画,每小题念一遍。(5分)

II. 听录音,判断原图意思是否与所听内容相符,正确用“T”,错误用“F”对话念两遍。(分)


III:根据你所听到的句子,从A、B、C三个选项中选出最恰当的答语,听一遍。(共6分) 11. A. Yes, they do.

B. No, I don’t.

C. Yes, it is.

C. It’s 20 yuan. C. No, it isn’t.

C. I want a sweater for C. That sounds interesting. C. I am sorry.

12. A. It’s in May.

13. A. Yes, she is 14. A. I’ll take it. school.

15. A. Let’s play sports. 16. A. Have a good time! 分)

17. A. The sweater. 18. A. Red. 19. A. Apples. 20. A. 5 yuan. 21. A. fourteen. 22. A. It’s in April. 分/个)

23. The boy in the picture is ________.

A. my brother B. my cousin C. my friend 24. What fruit does Mike like?

A. Hamburgers and ice cream. B. Oranges and pears. C. Oranges and bananas. 25. How much are the blue trousers?

A. 16 dollars. B. 12 dollars. C. 8 dollars. 26. Where is the baseball?

A. Under the bed. B. On the sofa. C. On the desk.. 智慧抉择

二. 单项选择。从A, B,C,D四个选项中选出最佳答案。(每小题1分,共20分) 31. —Is this your book, Jane? —_______. Thank you!

A. Yes, this is B. Yes, it is C. No, this isn’t D. No, it isn’t 32. —I can’t find my hat, mom. _______ is it? —Peter, it’s on your head. A. What B. Where C. When D. How 33. Hello! My name is Zhang Liangying. _______ is my last name. A. Zhang B. Liang C. Ying D. Liangying 34. Linda _______ her friend, Gina, about her favorite food. A. helps B. thinks C. asks D. wants 35. —______ your brother ______ basketball? —Yes, he does. A. Is; like B. Do; like C. Does; likes D. Does; like 36. —Do you have _______ for dinner? —No. I don’t want to be fat. A. tomatoes B. salads C. ice-creams D. hamburgers

B. The sofa.

B. Black. B. Bananas. B. 8 yuan. B. fifteen. B. It’s in May.

C. I don’t know. C. Black and white. C. Oranges. C. 13 yuan. C. sixteen C. It’s in June.

B. It’s blue. B. No, I’m not. B. Here you are. B. I don’t know. B. You’re welcome.



37. This ______ is too short. Do you have a _______ one? A. sweater; big B. shoes; long C. T-shirt; long D. trousers; small

38. I like math. It’s difficult ________ really interesting.

A. but B. and C. or D. so

39. —Let’s play ______.

—Great! But I don’t have a soccer ball.

A. basketball B. the basketball C. the soccer D. soccer

40. —How much are these socks?

—_______ 2 yuan for one______.

A. It’s; pair B. It’s; sock C. They’re; pair D. They’re; socks

41. My cousin, Tim, _______ bananas very much.

A. likes eat B. like eating C. likes eating D. like to eat

42. —Your new skirt is very nice!


A. No, thank you. B. Thank you very much.

C. That’s right. D. You’re welcome!

43. My uncle is really _______. He doesn’t have any time to have breakfast.

A. free B. busy C. interesting D. difficult

44. —How old ________ your father? —He’s _______ old.

A. is; fourty years B. is; forty C. are; forty years D. is; forty years

45. Mother’s Day is on ________ Sunday of May.

A. second B. the second C. a second D. the a second

46. —_______ is your birthday?

—It’s on March _______.

A. When; twenty ninth. B. When; twenty-ninth

C. What; twentieth-ninth D. When; twenty-nineth

47. We have _______ art _______ Monday morning.

A. a; in B. an; at C, /; on D. /; in

48. —________?

—It’s Sunday.

A. What day is it today B. What’s the date today

C. When is today D. How is today

49. —How’s your day, Jenny?

—_______. I lost my schoolbag.

A. I’m fine B. It’s OK C. It’s not OK D. No, I don’t

50. —_______ is your favorite teacher?

—Mr. Yang. We all like him.

A. What B. Who C. How D. Where

三. 完形填空。从A, B,C,三个选项中选出最佳答案。(每小题1分,共10分)

This is a photo 51.A.to B.of C.for

52. A.desk and chair B.desks and chair C. desks and chairs

53. A.too B.please C.yes

54. A.book B.my books C.books

55. A.the B.a C.my

56. A.am B.are C.is

57. A.Her B. She’s C.She

58. A.He B.He’s C.His

59. A.He is B. She is C. They

60. A.His B.Their C.Her

四. 阅读理解。从A, B,C,D四个选项中选出最佳答案。(每小题2分,共40分)


Woman: Can I help you, Sir?

Mr. Smith: Yes, please. What do you like, Jane?

Jane: A chicken hamburger and some fruit salad, please.

Woman: Do you want something to drink(喝) ?

Jane: Coffee, please.

Mr. Smith: No, Jane. Coffee is not healthy. You must drink orange.

Jane: All right, dad. Orange is OK.

Mr. Smith: Jack, how about you? What do you want?

Jack: French Fries are my favorite. Can I have them?

Mr. Smith: You can’t have them in the evening. You don’t want to be fat, do you?

So,how about some fish and tomatoes. Jack: Mm….Yes, dad.

Woman: What do you like, Sir?

Mr. Smith: I’d like two hamburgers and French Fries. Thank you.

Jane and Jack: Dad?!

61. Where is Mr. Smith?

A. At school. B. In a store. C. In a restaurant.(餐厅) D. At home. 62. Jane and Jack are _________.

A. classmates B. friends C. mother and son D. sister and brother

63. Mr. Smith wants Jane to drink ________.

A. milk B. water C. orange D. coffee

64. Jack wants ________.

A. ice-cream B. hamburgers C. fish and rice D. French Fries

65. Mr. Smith has hamburgers and French fries for ________.

A. breakfast B. lunch. C. dinner D. his son


Do you think your clothes are too old or small? Why not come and buy some new ones at our New Year’s great sale! All our clothes are nice and cheap. Do you need trousers? We have trousers for men at very good prices- only 12 dollars. For women, we have blue and white sweaters for only 10 dollars. Let’s buy them for your parents. For boys, you can buy shorts in white, black, green and blue. They are only 8 dollars. We have long and short socks in eight colors for girls. How much are they? Only 1 dollar for one pair. Do you like sports? We have great sports shoes for only 7 dollars. And the sports bag is at the price of 4 dollars. Don’t wait(等待)! Come on! Come and see at New Century Store!

66. When is the great sale?

A. In January. B. In May. C. In June. D. In November.

67. We can’t buy _______ at the great sale.

A. trousers B. sweaters C. bags D. T-shirts 68. Jack wants to buy a pair of trousers and a sweater. How much does he pay(付钱) ?

A. 12 dollars. B.18 dollars. C. 20 dollars. D. 22 dollars.

69. What can I buy for my mother for her birthday?

A. Trousers. B. Shorts C. Socks. D. Sweaters.

70.This article (文章) is _______.

A. a letter(信件) B. a notice(通知) C. an e-mail D. an ad(广告)


71. Jeff’s birthday is on_________. A. January 1st B. May 1st

C. September 10th D. October 1st

72. Jeff has ________. A. two daughters B. one daughter and one son

C. two sons D. one daughter and two sons

73. What does the underlined word(划线单词

A. 麻的 B.烫的 C. 辣的 D. 美味的

74. Jeff likes _________ best in Chongqing? A. beautiful places B. hot pot

C. basketball D. soccer

75.Which of the following(下列) is right A. Jeff is English. B. Jeff is an English teacher.

C. Jim and Ann are classmates. D. Jeff likes sports but he doesn’t play basketball.


76. Is Anna’s birthday on July 10th?


77. How old is Anna?


78. What do we do in her birthday party?


79. How do we contact (联系) Anna?





五.口语运用。从方框中选择恰当的选项并填在原题上。(每空1分,共10分) Bob: What’s this, Jane? Jane: 86__________

Bob: Who’s that man in a white T-shirt? Jane: He’s my father.

Bob: Oh, is the woman your mother? Jane: 87__________ Bob: Oh, your aunt. And what’s in your hand? Jane: 88__________

Bob: Do you like tennis? Jane: Yes, I do.89 __________

Bob: Do you have a tennis game at school? Jane: Yes. Do you want to come and watch it? Bob: Sure. 90_________Jane: It’s on March, 15th. Bob: Great! See you then.

六. 正确形式填空。(每空1分,共15分)

91. Do you want _________(have) some _________(chicken)?

92. Let________ (he)________(play) tennis with us.

93. Today is my ________ birthday. I am _______ years old now (12).

94. Is this _______ (Mary) skirt? No, that black skirt is _______(she).

95. How much ________ (be) those ________ (watch)?

96. My pants are too old. I want_________(buy) a new pair.

97. Bob (not like) salad or strawberries.

(take) the notebook to my brother?

七. 按要求完成句子。(一空一词,每空1分,共15分)

101. Those are eggs. (变单数句)

_______ _______ egg.

102. Tony plays sports every day at school. (变否定句)

Tony ______ _______ sports every day at school.

103. My parents are really busy this year. (变一般疑问句) _______ _______ parents really busy this year?

104. He likes soccer . (对划线部分提问)

_______ _______ he like soccer? 对划线部分提问)

_______ _______ the art festival?

1066. She likes science best. (同义句转换)

_______ _______ subject is science.

107.我们周二在学校图书馆举行一次图书特卖。(完成句子) We _______a book _______ in the school library on _______.

八. 作文。(10分)

学校开展网上交笔友活动。请你以林立的名义给你的新笔友写封信介绍你的一些个人情况。 信的内容包括如下:








2012-2013学年七年级英语上学期期末考试试题 人教新目标版




1-----------------------5 6-----------------------10

11-----------------------15 16-----------------------20

21-----------------------25 26-----------------------30


31-----------------------35 36-----------------------40

41-----------------------45 46-----------------------50


51-----------------------55 56-----------------------60


61-----------------------65 66-----------------------70


八. 作文。(10分)

Dear friend,

I am glad to write to you.

Please write to me!


Lin Li


2012-2013学年七年级英语上学期期末考试试题 人教新目标版


I. Listen and choose the right picture.(听录音,选择正确的图画,每小题念一遍。)

1.I like bananas. 2. His father has a tennis racket. 3. This T-shirt is 12 dollars. 4. My birthday is October 2nd. 5. His brother plays the guitar very well.

II. Listen to the statement of each picture and judge the pictures. Write T for “true” or F for “fault”.(听录音,判断原图意思是否与所听内容相符,每小题念一遍。)

Mary is eating salad. 2.The blue sweater is 30 dollars. 3. My brother likes to watch Tv. 4. We are playing basketball at school. 5. Mary’s telephone number is 73343


1. Do you like bananas? 2. What color is your new jacket? 3. Is Tina your sister?

4. Can I help you? 5. Let’s play soccer. 6. We have a school trip this week.


7. A: Where is my sweater, Jim? B: It’s on the sofa.

Q: What does the girl want?

8. A: Is this pencil-box yours, Gina? B: No. This is red. Mine is black and white. Q: What color is Gina’s pencil-box?

9. A: Bill, do you like apples for breakfast? B: No. I like apples for dinner. I like oranges for breakfast.

Q: What does Bill like for dinner?

10. A: Can I help you? B: Yes. How much are these socks?

A: Five yuan for one pair and eight yuan for two pairs.

Q: How much are two pairs of socks?

11. A: Excuse me. How old are you, Jim? Are you fourteen?

B: No, I am fifteen, and my sister is fourteen. Q: How old is Jim?

12. A: Hi , Jenny !When is your art festival?

B: It’s in the fifth month of every year.

Q:When is the art festival?

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