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一、Amy is in the classroom,she is talking with her friends. 请听Amy的对话,按


Amy: Hey! Zhang Peng. We have a new classroom.

Zhang: Wow, it’s big. What’s in our classroom?

Amy: Look. A blackboard, a teacher’s desk and many chairs. Zhany Peng, put your

Chinese book in your desk.

Zhang: OK.

Amy: Chen Jie. You have a new school bag. It’s beautiful. Put your maths book under

your schoolbag, OK?

Chen: OK.

Amy: Wu Yifan. Can you close the window?

Wu: Sure. I can close the window.

Amy: Sarah, what can you do? Can you help me clean the blackboard?

Sarah: Yes, I can.

Amy: Thank you.

二、Amy and her friends are playing games? 请听录音,判断对错,对的写“T”,错的写“F”表示。每题读两遍。

1. Look, this is my new schoolbag. It’s pretty.

2. I like maths, this is my math book.

3. Can I have some juice? I like it very much.

OK, here you are.

4. Put your book in the desk, please.

5. Look, they are my good friends, they are Wu Yifan, Sarah, Zhang and John.

6. My mother is a doctor.

7. This is Tim, he is tall and thin.

8. I like watching TV. I often watch TV in the evening.

9. Look, this is my classroom, it’s big.

10. Hello. I am Mike. I like fish.

三、Amy’s classmates have new schoolbags . What’s in it ?请听录音,连线。短文读两遍。

Lucy: Hello, I am Lucy. Look at my new schoolbag. There is a ruler, a pencil and two notebooks in it.

Bob: Hi, I am Bob. In my schoolbag. There is an English book and a pen.

Lily: Hi, I am Lily. I have a pencil box and two story-books in my bag.

Wu: And I am Wu Yifan. There is a pen and a Chinese book in my bag.

Tim: Hello. I am Tim. I have a ruler, two pencils and three books in my schoolbag.

四、Amy is talking about her good friends. 请根据录音内容用阿拉伯数字给下列图片标号。读两遍。

Hi, I am Amy. I have a good friend. His name is Zhang Peng. He is a good boy. Everyday, he can help my put my book in the desk. His father is P.E. teacher. He is very strong. He likes watching TV in the evening. Zhang Peng has a new bedroom. We can see a big window in his bedroom. There is a computer in his room, too. He often plays computer games on Sundays.

五、Amy is talking with Mike .请听对话,按录音内容把对话补充完整。对话读三遍。(10分)

Amy: Hi, Mike.

Mike: Hi, Amy.

Amy: Come and look at my new classroom.

Mike: Wow! It’s big. What’s in it?

Amy: One teacher’s desk, two blackboards , and a computer.

Mike: Who’s your English teacher?

Amy: Miss Liang. She is friendly and quiet. She likes chicken and beef. Mike: Do you like English?

Amy: Yes, I like English very much.

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