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一、The summer holiday is coming.What are they going to do?暑假将至,请听对三、听录音,按录音内容,用阿拉伯数字给图编号。10%


( ) ( ) ( ) ( )

( ) ( ) ( ) ( )

二、听对话,把人物与相应的图片连线。 10%

Amy Zhang Peng Lucy Father

( )

( )


( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) 四、听对话,在相应的框格内打“√”。10%


Hello,everybody!I’m an active girl.My favourite___________ is _______________.Because my ____________ is in it. It’s _____________3rd. Teachers’ ____________is in this month. I can make an e-card for our teachers On that day I will invite them to ____________ _________ _____________ with my parents. And then we can __________ ____________ together. That must be fun.

笔试部分 ( 50 )


Mike:Hello. This is Mike. Can I speak to Amy, please?

Mrs. Green: _______________________. Hold on,please. Amy, ____________________. Amy: _____________________.Who is it? Mrs. Green: Your good friend, Mike.

Amy: Thank you,Mom. Hello,Mike!This is Amy speaking. Mike: Hello, Amy! __________________? Amy: Of course, I’d love to. What time? Mike: ______________ tomorrow morning.

Amy: OK! See you tomorrow.

Mike: See you then.

七、选择填空,选择最佳的答语,把字母编号写在题前的( )里。10%

( ) 1. My father’s birthday is ______ November 21st.

A: on B: at C: in

( ) 2. Tom and his sister__________ in the same school.

A: is B: are C: am

( ) 3. Who’s the lady?

A: She’s my mother. B: She’s a teacher. C: She’s at home.

( ) 4. ________ do you go to school? At 7:30 A.M.

A: What B: When C: Who

( ) 5. _____________school clothes are these? They’re Lily’s.

A: Where B: Which C: Whose

( ) 6. How many ________ can you see? I can see fifty.

A: sheep B: student C: strawberrys

( ) 7. When is National Day? It’s _____________.

A: Auguat 1st B: October 1st C: September 10th

( ) 8. What’s the date today? It’s _________________.

A: Wednesday B: Summer C: July 4th

( ) 9. I don’t like beef, my parents don’t like beef,________.

A: too B: either C: also

( ) 10. What’s your brother doing? He_______________.

A: is runing B: swimming C: is walking


The s____________ holiday is coming. We don’t g_______ to school in A________.

So I’m going to a nature p___________ with my g_________ friends. In the park we are going to w____________ insects, p__________ up leaves, c______________ butterflies and f__________ kites. That must be very fun. Would you l_________ to go with us?

九、认真阅读短文,然后根据短文内容选择正确的答案。10% Aunt Jane’s birthday is coming. She will be 40 years old. Dad and Mum are going to take me to her house. We are going there by train. We are leaving on Friday evening. And we are coming back on Sunday afternoon. The birthday party will be on Saturday. I am going to give my dear Aunt Jane a card. I am making it now .I am using my colour pencils to draw some nice flowers on the card. I am going to draw Aunt Jane a small cat on it, too . Because she likes cats. The card will be very nice. Dad says his sister will like it very much. 1. We’re going to Aunt’s house on _____________________. 2. It’s aunt’s __________________ birthday coming. 3. When is Aunt Jane’s birthday ? It will be on_________________ . 4. My aunt’s favorite pet is ____________________. 5. My ____________ are going to take me aunt’s house . 十、按实际回答问题。10% 1. What day is it today? _______________________________________________________________ 2. When is your birthday? ___________________________________________________________________ 3. Do you like summer? ____________________________________________________________________\ 4.What does your mother do? ______________________________________________________________________ 5. Are you sleeping now?


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