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3 range 4 ouse

ion 65 oo


vase 小提琴

violin 冬天

winter 花瓶

pencil 春天

spring 铅笔

English 英语

plane 轮船

ship 大象

train 火车

elephant 飞机


1、I (起床) at six in the morning.

A. gut up B. play football C. go to school D. go to work

2、He _______ (足球) in the afternoon.

A. play basketball B. play the flute C. plays football D. sing

3、We (去上学) by bike.

A. walk to school B. go out C. go to school D. go home

4、We have (数字和语文) in the morning.

A. Maths and English B. Maths and Chinese C. Music and Chinese

5、My father goes to work (骑自行车)。

A. by bike B. by bus C. by plane D. by train

6、They (吃午饭) at twelve.

A. have breakfast B. have dinner C. have lunch D. have sweets

7、He plays the (笛子) in the classroom.

A. drums B. flute C. play pingpong

8、Do you (去游泳)?Yes,I do.

A. go to swimming B. go swimming B. go swim

9、We (穿毛衣) in autumn.

A. wear sweaters B. wear shirts C. wear gloves D. wear hats

10、In (夏天),we wear T-shirt.

A. spring B. winter C. autumn D. summer


1.What do you like? A. Yes,we do.

2. Does he like swimming? B. I like toy pandas.

3. What’s the time? C. No,he doesn’t.

4. Is it 8 o’clock? D. It’s half past 7.

5. Do we have Maths at school? E. No,it isn’t.


1 __p 向上 9 __ay 道路 17__ce 冰 2 __weets 糖果 10__ebra 斑马 18__ead 头 3 __rain 火车 11__ellow 黄色的 19__irl 女孩 4 __ain 雨 12__ose 鼻子 20__rog 青蛙

5 __ueen 皇后 13__onkey 猴子 21__lephant 大象 6 __range 橘子 14__ion 狮子 22__uck 鸭子 7 __rince 王子 15__ite 风筝 23__ar 汽车 8 __ase 花瓶 16__ug 罐 24__pple 苹果

1、数字2、颜色 3、动物



二、用is, am, are填空

1. I Wang Ling.

2. You welcome.

3. Where they?

4. What your name?

5. Where your nose?


( )1. Happy New Year. a. You’re welcome. ( )2. May I have a look? b. I’m 9.

( )3. How many cakes? c. Nice to meet you, too. ( )4. Thank you. d. I’m fine, thanks. ( )5. How old are you? e. Happy New Year ( )6. This is for you. f. Here it is.

( )7. Nice to meet you. g. Thank you.

( )8. How are you? h. Sure, here you are. ( )9. Where is my mouth? i. Cool.

( )10. Look, I have a rabbit. j. 8.


( ) 1. Look the elephant.

A. for B. at C. to

( ) 2. Happy birthday you.

A. to B. two C. too

( ) 3. This is nose.

A. me B. I C. my

( ) 4. you Tutu?

A. Is B. Are

( ) 5. I have a cake?

A. Are B. Am

( ) 6. Here .

A. is it

A. on B. it is C. it’s B. in C. at ( ) 7. The plate is the middle.

( ) 8. —Let’s go to school. —

A. OK B. Thank you C. Bye


1. A: Hello. B:

B: Nice to meet you, too. 2. A: What your name? B: is Chen Jie. 3. A:


1. stand up

3. black a. no c. sit down 2. open b. there

4. yes d. close

5. here e. white

4. A: Goodbye! B: C. Can C. Can


( ) 1. 当你向同学祝贺生日时,会说:

A. Happy birthday to you!

B. How are you?

( ) 2. 当你到餐厅吃西餐时,应了解:

A. The fork is on the right.

B. The knife is on the right.

( ) 3. 当你想知道别人有多少岁时,应问:

A. How are you?

B. How old are you?

( ) 4. 当老师说“Sit down, please.” 时,你应说:

A. OK! B. Thank you.

( ) 5. 当有人问你“ How many fingers do you have?” 时,你应说:

A. Ten B. Five.

一、 抄写下列单词和句子

boy key apple China grandfather

I have fourteen crayons and eighteen rulers.

How many rabbits can you see? I can see twelve.


1.二十t_ent_ 2.老师t_ _cher 3.可以c_ _ 4.美国Am_ r_ca

5.祖母gr_nd_a 6.来自fr_m 7.学生st_d_nt 8.女孩g_ _l

9.姐妹s_ster 10.哪里wh_r_ 11.锁l_ _k 12.十五f_ _teen

13.兄弟br_ther 14.袋鼠k_ng_r_ _ 15.家庭f_m_l_

三、 选择填空

1. Amy is ____ America.

A. too B. from

2. Watch ____

A. in B. on

3. _____ are you from, Mike?

A. What B. How

4. My sister is ____ actress.

A. an B. a

5. Let’s ____ TV.

A. look at B. look

6. How many ____ can you see?

A. ducks B. duck

7. Look _____ her new kite!

A. on B. at

8. ____ is my grandpa.

A. She B. He’s

9._____ a beautiful picture! C.for C. out C. Where C. 不填 C watch C. a duck C. in C. He

A. How B. What C. Where

10. Let’s _____ a tree, OK?

A. eat B. draw C. fly

四、 情景反应

1. 向别人介绍一位新朋友时,应该说:

A. Nice to meet you. B. Welcome. C. This is my new friend.

2. 你是中国人, 你说:

A. I’m from America. B. I’m from China. C. I’m from Canada.

3. 别人对你说“I’m sorry.”,你答:

A. Come in. B. Oh, no. C. It’s OK.

4. 你想祝妈妈妇女节快乐,你说:

A. Happy Women’s Day! B. Happy Teachers’ Day!

C. Happy birthday!

5. 介绍自己的家庭,可以说:

A. Great. B. Look, this is my family. C. Who’s that man?

6. 你想提醒对方当心,你说:

A. Look at me. B. Watch out! C. That’s right.

7. 你想知道别人有多少支蜡笔, 你说:

A. How many crayons can you see? B. How are you?

C. How many crayons do you have?


A.Wow! How many flowers? B. Wow! Beautiful!

C. Wow! So many flowers!

9. 你想邀请朋友一起放风筝,你说:

A. Let’s play. B. Let’s fly the kite together. C. Let’s go to school.

10. 别人问你有多少本书时,你回答:

A.I have only one. B. Thank you. C. How many books?

五、 连词成句

1. are , where , you , from (?)

2. is , he , teacher , a (.)

3. welcome , school , back , to (!)

4. a , nice , what , girl (!)

5. yellow , the , is , one , jeep , a (.)

6. he , your , brother , is (?)

六、 将下列句子与其相应的答语连起来

1. Look at my new kite. Thank you.

2. Who’s that boy? She’s from China.

3. Your mother is very beautiful! Oh, it’s nice!

4. Where is Bai Ling from? He’s my brother.

5. How many keys do you have? Yes, she is.

6. Is she your grandma? Nice to meet you!

7. Let’s have a race! I have eleven.

8. This is my new friend, John. Good idea!

七、 给下列句子排列顺序,使其成为一个意思连贯的对话

( )Good idea!

( )She’s from China.

( )Wow! She’s beautiful!

( )Come on, Mike. Let’s watch TV.

( )Look! This is my new friend, Chen Jie.

( )Thank you.

( )Where is she from?

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