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湘少版四年级上册英语 阅读题练习

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清水塘北辰小学 Miss Zeng

1 Let’s go to the zoo.
There is a lion.It’s lazy.Look at that tiger.It’s very strong.What’s in its hand?Oh,it’s a small mouse.Look at the cat.It’s funny.How many birds are there?There are three birds. I love all these animals. 判断正误: × 1.The lion is strong. ( ×) 2.The tiger is funny. ( ) √ 3.The mouse is small. ( ) √ 4.The cat is funny. (√ ) 5.There are 3 birds. ( )

Mike is drawing a farm. There are two chickens, a 2 horse and a cow on the farm. Look at the dog,a cow.It’s fat(肥的). Look at the chickens. They are beautiful. The horse is big. Look at the dog. It’s funny. Who’s the man? He is Mr Green. He loves the animals. 判断: 1.Mike is drawing. ( √ ) 2.There are 20 chickens. ( × ) 3.The cow is beautiful. ( ×) 4.The horse is big. (√ ) 5.The dog is small. ( × )


There are other animals on Mr Green’s farm. There are four sheep, two cats, ten ducks and nine pigs. Look at those sheep, they are cute. The cats are funny. Look at these ducks. They are beautiful. And the pigs are lazy.

判断: 1.There are four cats. ( ×) 2.There are ten ducks . ( √ ) 3.The cats are lazy. ( × ) 4.The ducks are funny. ( × ) 5.The pigs are beautiful. ( ) ×

4 Tim:What are you doing,Dino?
Dino:I'm drawing. Tim:What's that? Dino:It's a Dino Land flag! 判断: 1. Tim is drawing. ( ×) 2. Dino is drawing. ( √ ) 3. Tim is drawing a flag. ( ×) 4. Dino is drawing a flag. ( √ ) 5. It's a Dino Land flag. ( √ )

5 This is Mary. She has a rabbit. Mary likes rice,
fish and noodles. She doesn’t like dumpling. What does the rabbit like? The rabbit doesn’t like fish. It likes grass and rice. It’s very cute. 判断: √ 1.Mary likes rice. ( ) × 2.Mary doesn’t like noodles. ( ) × 3.The rabbit likes fish. ( ) √ 4.The rabbit doesn’t like fish. ( ) √ 5.The rabbit is cute. ( )

6 The animals in the zoo are funny. They are

standing in a line(排队站立). Look, there is a dog. The sheep is on the dog’s right. Who is on the left? Oh, it’s a cow on the dog’s left. And the elephant is on the cow’s left.

判断: 1.The animals in the zoo are funny. ( √ ) 2.The sheep is on the dog’s left.× ) ( 3.The cow is on the dog’s left. √( ) 4.The elephant is on the cow’s left. ( √ )


The animals like different colours. The tiger likes yellow and black. So it is yellow and black. The cow like white and black. It is white and black. The elephant likes grey. It is grey. What colour does the lion like? It likes brown and yellow. So it is brown and yellow.

判断: 1.The tiger likes yellow and black. 2.The cow is white and brown. 3.The elephant likes grey. 4.The lion is brown and yellow.

(√ ) ( ×) (√ ) (√ )


I’m Dion’s brother. I live in a small house. My bedroom is clean. It is blue. My brother’s bedroom is yellow. There is a living room. It’s red.

判断: 1.I live in a big house. ( × ) 2.There is

a kitchen. (× ) 3.It’s a red living room. ( √ ) 4.My bedroom is clear. ( √ ) 5.My brother’s bedroom is yellow. (√ )

9 Jack has a little zoo.There are many

animals in the zoo.There is a funny monkey.There is a small elephant.There is a strong tiger.“May I come in?”a big mouse asks.“Sorry.No,”Jack says.

判断: 1.Jack has a little zoo. ( √ ) 2.There are many animals in the zoo. (√ ) 3.Jack says“No” to the small elephant. ( ×



Tom has a cat.Her name is Kitty. She is two years old. She likes fish and milk.Amy has a dog. His name is Rocky. He is eight. He likes meat. Tim has a dinosaur. His name is Dino. Dino is six. He likes dumplings.

判断: 1.Amy has a cat. (× ) 2.Kitty likes fish and milk. ( √ ) 3.Rocky likes meat, he is nine. ( × ) 4.Dino is six, he likes dumplings. ( √ )

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