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Bb ____ Dd Ee ____Gg ____ Ii _____ Ll ____ Nn ____ Ss_____ Oo ____Qq Uu ___Ww Pp ____ Rr ___ Yy_____ ____ Kk____ Nn ____ Pp ____ Ff_____ ___ Mm_____ ___ Xx_____ Mm____ Oo Cc ____ Ee ___ Gg_____ ____ Bb_____ Gg ____Ii Dd_____Ff ____ Ll_____ ___ Jj_____ Vv ____ Xx ___ Uu_____ Ss_____Uu ___ Rr____




sh__ __p (绵羊) br__ __d (面包) mi__k (牛奶) n__ __dle (面条) rig__t (右边) sm__ __l(小的)

flo__ __r (花) mo__ __e(老鼠) tr__ __(树)

squ__ __e(正方形) d__t (点) fun__ __ (有趣的)

eg__ (蛋)

du__ __ling(饺子)

l__ ft(左边)



sh__ __(鞋子)

h__ __e (家)

k__ __chen (厨房)

bedr__ __m(卧室 )

d__ __r (门)

w__ __l (墙)

j__ __p(跳跃)

fl__ (飞,飞行)

st__ __ng(强壮的) l__ __e(线,直线) ri__ ___(米饭) bis__ __it(饼干) wa__ __et(钱包) sc__ __f(围巾) h__t(帽子) sk__ __t(短裙) sw__ __ter(套头毛衣) k__y(钥匙) d__ __n (向下) c__ __cle(圆) un__ __r (在...下面) t__ __le (桌子) ba__ __room(浴室) _n (在...里面) o_ (在...上面) wind__ __ (窗户) __ __sk (书桌) ch__ __r (椅子) b_d (床) ro__ __ (房间) r__n(跑步) sw__ __(游泳) wr__ __g(错误的) c__n (能够) 2


There How It’s What What’s

1. A:_____ that? B:It’s a flag.

2. A:_____many squares are there? B:There are eight squares.

3. A:_____are you doing? B:I’m drawing a circle.

4. A:How many circles are there? B:____are six circles.

5. A:What’s that? B:_____a dot.


noodles funny sheep squares right

key wallet mobile phone

1. Look at the cat.It’s _______.

2. This is Lingling’s _______.(钱包)

3. There are four ________.

4. Please turn _________.

5. That is Tom’s_________.(钥匙)

6. I like ________.

7. There are __________.

8. It’s Linda’s ________.(移动电话)



are Their on room in bed

1. There is a ball under the _____.

2. _____room is big!

3. The mouse is ____the box.

4. The dress is _____the bed.

5. There is a big bed in my father and mother’s _____.

6. My shoes_____under the chair.


1. How What Can like Kate:_______ do you like?

Lucy:I _______ noodles.

Kate:_________I have a bowl(碗) of noodles?

2. Where Whose on you No Kate:________ bag is this ?Is it yours?

Lucy:_________.It’s Tom’s.

Kate:_______is my bag?

Lucy:Is it _______the desk?

Kate:_______Thank you.

Yes 4


1.Nice to meet you. ___________________

2.Glad to see you. _____________________

3.How are you? __________________

4.What’s this? (正方形)___________________

5.How many circles are there?(八个)__________________

6.What are you doing? (我在画画。)______________________

7.What are these? (花)__________________________

8.What are those? (蛋)_______________________

9.What do you like, Lingling?(牛奶和饼干)__________________

10.What are we? (士兵)_____________________________

11.Whose is this? (琳达的手提包)_____________________

12.Is this your wallet,Jane? (否定回答)______________________

13.What’s her name? (熊猫小姐)___________________

14.Is this right,Miss Li? (肯定回答)____________________

15.Forty four and sixty six is...? _________________

16.Where is the cat? (在椅子下面)_____________________

17.Is she in the bathroom? (否定回答)___________________

18.Can Peter jump high? (肯定回答)______________________



1 Let’s go to the zoo.There is a lion. It’s lazy.Look at that tiger. It’s very strong. What’s in its hand? Oh,it’s a small mouse. Look at the cat. It’s funny. How many birds are there? There are three birds.

I love all these animals.


1.The lion is strong. ( )

2.The tiger is funny. ( )

3.The mouse is small. ( )

4.The cat is funny. ( )

5.There are 3 birds. ( )

2 Mike is drawing a farm. There are two chickens, a dog,a horse and a cow on the farm. Look at the cow. It’s fat(肥的). Look at the chickens. They are beautiful. The horse is big. Look at the dog. It’s funny. Who’s the man? He is Mr Green. He loves the animals. 判断:

1.Mike is drawing. ( )

2.There are 20 chickens. ( )

3.The cow is beautiful. ( )

4.The horse is big. ( )

5.The dog is small. ( )


3 There are other animals on Mr Green’s farm. There are four sheep, two cats, ten ducks and nine pigs. Look at those sheep, they are cute. The cats are funny. Look at these ducks. They are beautiful. And the pigs are lazy.


1.There are four cats. ( )

2.There are ten ducks . ( )

3.The cats are lazy. ( )

4.The ducks are funny. ( )

5.The pigs are beautiful. ( )

4 Tim:What are you doing,Dino?

Dino:I'm drawing.

Tim:What's that?

Dino:It's a Dino Land flag!


1. Tim is drawing. ( )

2. Dino is drawing. ( )

3. Tim is drawing a flag. ( )

4. Dino is drawing a flag. ( )

5. It's a Dino Land flag. ( )


5 This is Mary. She has a rabbit. Mary likes rice, fish and noodles. She doesn’t like dumpling. What does the rabbit like? The rabbit doesn’t like fish. It likes grass and rice. It’s very cute.


1.Mary likes rice. ( )

2.Mary doesn’t like noodles. ( )

3.The rabbit likes fish. ( )

4.The rabbit doesn’t like fish. ( )

5.The rabbit is cute. ( )

6 The animals in the zoo are funny. They are standing in a line(排队站立). Look, there is a dog. The sheep is on the dog’s right. Who is on the left? Oh, it’s a cow on the dog’s left. And the elephant is on the cow’s left.


1.The animals in the zoo are funny. ( )

2.The sheep is on the dog’s left. ( )

3.The cow is on the dog’s left. ( )

4.The elephant is on the cow’s left. ( )


7 The animals like different colours. The tiger likes yellow and black. So it is yellow and black. The cow like white and black. It is white and black. The elephant likes grey. It is grey. What colour does the lion like? It likes brown and yellow. So it is brown and yellow. 判断:

1.The tiger likes yellow and black . ( )

2.The cow is white and brown. ( )

3.The elephant likes grey. ( )

4.The lion is brown and yellow. ( )

8 I’m Dion’s brother. I live in a small house. My bedroom is clean. It is blue. My brother’s bedroom is yellow. There is a living room. It’s red.


1.I live in a big house. ( )

2.There is a kitchen. ( )

3.It’s a red living room. ( )

4.My bedroom is clear. ( )

5.My brother’s bedroom is yellow. ( )


9 Jack has a little zoo.There are many animals in the zoo.There is a funny monkey.There is a small elephant.There is a strong tiger.“May I come in?”a big mouse asks.“Sorry.No,”Jack says.


1.Jack has a little zoo. ( )

2.There are many animals in the zoo. ( )

3.Jack says“No” to the small elephant. ( )

10 Tom has a cat.Her name is Kitty. She is two years old. She likes fish and milk.Amy has a dog.His name is Rocky.He is eight.He likes meat.Tim has a dinosaur.His name is Dino.Dino is six.He likes dumplings.


1.Amy has a cat. ( )

2.Kitty likes fish and milk. ( )

3.Rocky likes meat, he is nine. ( )

4.Dino is six, he likes dumplings. ( )



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