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now, look, listen… 其构成形式是 主语+ be (am/is/are) +动词ing

主语+ be (am/is/are) +动词ing

Look, Tom is playing football.

Lucy is reading a book.

I am read ing a book now.




表示动作将要发生或打算要做的事情。 tomorrow, next week, this evening this afternoon, tonight 其构成形式是 1、主语+ be (am/is/are) going to+ 动词原形 2、主语+ will+动词原形

I am going to visit my grandparents

this weekend.

Liu Yun is

going to go shopping tonight.


will clean the room this afternoon.

My father and my mother are going to watch TV this evening.


are 1)They______ going to play football _____ this afternoon ______.

is 2)Chenjie_____ going read to ______ a _______ book

this evening


How do you usually go to Beijing? How do you go to Beijing?

I usually go to Beijing by plane. How are you going to Beijing?
I am going to Beijing by plane.

How does he go to Beijing? He usually goes to Beijing by plane. How does your mother go to work? She goes to work by car.

Where does your mother work? She works in a car company.

I can ride a bike. I like riding a bike.

I often ride a bike on Sundays.
Look! I am riding a bike now. I am going to ride a bike next Sunday.

My mother is a teacher.
Does she teach math?

No. She teaches Chinese.
Does …+ 动词原形?

但答句动词用第三人称单 数+s或es

Where does your mother live?

Does she live ….?

live in Beijing
live in Guangzhou

She lives in Dongguan .

live in Dongguan

What does your father do in the evening?

Does he ….?

clean the room
watch TV

He cleans the room. .

read newspapers

What does your sister do on the weekend

Does she ….?

go shopping

draw pictures
She draws pictures. .

write a letter

Where do your father and mother work?

Do they ….?

work in a bank work in a school

father mother
They work in a bank. .

work in a hospital

A.I’m washing the clothes. B.I’m going to clean the room. C.I usually watch TV. A.I am going to the library. B.I often go fishing. C.We are going to the library.

A.We are visiting grandparents. B.We are going to the theme park. C.I usually wash the window. A.No, it’s near. B.Yes, it’s not far. C. No, it’s not far.

A.Next week. B.AT 7 o’clock. C.At two o’clock.

Choose the right answers:




What 1、______ are they going to do in the park? They’re going to have a picnic in the park. Where 2、_______ are you going next week? I’m going to Guangzhou next week.

When 3、______ is he going to the bookstore on Sunday morning? He’s going to the bookstore at 9:00 on Sunday morning.

A:Mom, where are you going in the evening? M:_____________________________________ A: What are you going to buy? M: __________________________________. A: When are you going? M:__________________________________. A: Can I go wit

h you? M: Sure.___________________________? A: I am going to buy some food. M: ______________________________? A: Because we are going to have a picnic. M:________________________________? A : We’ re going to have the picnic tomorrow eyeing. M: OK. Let’s go to the supermarket together.

I go to school on foot.My sister goes to school on foot, too. My brother goes to school by bike. My father goes to work by car. My mother goes to work by bike.

二、介绍你和朋友各自上学的方式。 I go to school by bus. My friend Amy goes to school on foot. John goes to school by bike. Mike goes to school by Subway. Sarah goes to school by bus.


I’m going to the theme park this weekend. Is it far?

the theme park


by taxi/ by bus

by bike


on foot

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