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PEP 小学六年级英语 作文训练


I’m going to have a busy weekend. On Saturday morning, I’m going to do my homework . In the afternoon, I’m going to play football . In the evening ,I am going to watch TV. On Sunday morning, I’m going to visit my grandparents. In the afternoon, I am going to clean my room. In the evening, I’m going to read books.


I’m going to plant flowers . First ,dig the soil. Then put some flowers seeds in the soil. Water them. Put the pot in the sun every day. Wait for it to grow.

种树:I’m goint to plant trees. First ,dig the soil. Then put the plant in the soil. Water it. Wait for it to grow.

三、同学们,请以Zhang Peng的名义,接着下面的开头,介绍家庭成员的有关信息(职业、爱好等)字数在30-40个单词之间。

Hello, I’m Zhang Peng. I am a student . I’m 12. I usually go to school on foot. I like reading books. My father is a farmer . He goes to work on foot. He likes playing football. My mother is a teacher. She goes to work by bus. She likes watching TV. We are happy.

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