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一年级英语上册 Unit1 Hello period2教案 (新版)沪教牛津版

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Unit 1 Hello( period 2)

Language focus:

Using a common pattern to introduce oneself

e.g., I’m...

Language skills:


? Understanding the pattern I’m Kitty.

? Understanding formulaic expressions of greetings

e.g., Nice to meet/see you.

? Identify some English names

e.g., Kitty, Alice, Tom, Ben, Eddie, Danny and Miss



1 Using a common pattern to introduce oneself

e.g., I’m...

2. Using formulaic expressions to greet people politely

e.g., Good morning. /Goodbye.

Pre-task preparations

Activity 1

Tell the story “A school day” in “Let’s act” on

Student’s Book page 4 slowly and clearly, with the help of pictures, puppets and your body language.

Prompt your students to complete the sentences when necessary.


T: Kitty meets Eddie at the school gate. Kitty says, “Hello!”

Eddie says ...

Ss: Hello!

T: Kitty and Eddie meet Danny in the morning. Kitty and

Eddie say, “Good morning.” And Danny says ...

Ss: Good morning.

T: In the afternoon, Kitty meets Tom in the playground.

Kitty says, “Good afternoon!” Tom says ...


Ss: Good afternoon.

T: School is over. Alice and Tom say, “Goodbye!” Kitty says ... Ss: Goodbye!

Have the students practise the story with puppets

in groups. Then have them act out the story.

Activity 2

Show the characters of Unit 1. Use the finger

puppets to have them introduce themselves.

e.g., T: (Shows a finger puppet) Hi! I’m Eddie.

Activity 3

Introduce yourself to the students.

e.g., T: Hi! I’m Kelly. Nice to meet you.

While-task procedures

Activity 1

Have the students listen to the recording of “Let’s play” andrepeat after it.


T: Hi! I’m Danny.

S: Hello! I’m Eddie.


Activity 2

Ask the students to judge whether the puppet is

introducing its corresponding name. If the puppet is right, Teacher’s Book 4

the students should clap their hands and repeat it. If the puppet is wrong, the students should correct it.

T: (Holds the puppet for Kitty) Hello! I’m Alice.

Ss: No. I’m Kitty.

Activity 3

Have the students use the puppets to practise the

pattern I’m ...

e.g., S: Hello! I’m Danny.

Activity 4

Ask the students to play the roles in Unit 1.



S1: Hello! I’m Eddie.

S2: Hi! I’m Kitty.

S1: Nice to meet you.

S2: Nice to meet you, too.

Post-task activities

Activity 1

Ask the students to do “Listen and number” on Workbook page 2.

Activity 2

Divide the students into four groups and do “Look and say” and “Draw and write” on Workbook page 4.Then select several groups to act out the short dialogues.

Activity 3

Have the students do Task “Make new friends” on Workbook page 5.

Activity 4

Have the students sing the song “Good morning” while walking round the classroom. When the music stops, they should find a friend and

introduce themselves to each other.


S1: Hello! I’m ...

S2: Hi! I’m ...

S1: Nice to meet you.

S2: Nice to meet you, too.

S1: Goodbye!

S2: Goodbye!


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