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一:根据实际情况回答问题1)What subject do you like?3)Are you sleeping now?5)Can you play tennis?

7)What is your father doing now?9)Does your mother like music?11)Is your mother thinking?13)Does your mother want a drum?15)What day is it today? 17)What do they want?

19)Do you play baseball on Sunday?

2)What do you want?

4)Does your father want a new car?6)Can you touch your legs?8)Are your eyes big?10)What do you do on Monday?12)What are they doing?14)Do you like English?16)What time is it?18)What time do you get up?20)Are you playing ping-pong?


1)What day___ ___today? ___ ___Wednesday.

2)What___ you ___ on Wednesday? I play ___ piano.3)What___ you doing? I___ _____.4)Are you _____now?

5)Do you ____ ____ _____ (打篮球)Monday? No ,I ___6) ____it Saturday today? No,it's _________.

7)What do they ___ on Saturday ? They_____picture On Sunday.8)What ___he do on Monday? He ____basketball on Monday.9)Whhat ____is it? _____5:30.

10)It's time ___ ___ ____(该时候回家了)三:句型配对

1.What subject does Jenny like ?2:Is Ben playing ping-pong now?3:Can your father swim?

4:What are Jack and Lisa doing?5:Does Gogo like eating?1:Is it an apple?2:What's that?

3:Do you do homework at 8:00?4:Is your sister singing?5:What is Ben doing?6:Where is your book?7:How old are you?

8:Can you touch your feet?9:What do they want?

10:Does he want a puzzle?四:单项选择

A:Yes ,he does

B.She likes ChineseC:No, he can't .D:Yes , he is.

E:They 're singing.A:It's a clock.B:Yes, it is.C:No, I don't.D:He's drawing.

E:No, she's drawing.F:I am ten.

G:It's on the desk.H:Thet want a guitar.I:Yes ,I can.J:NO,he doesn't.

1:____she want a doll? Yes ,she does.

2:___ is my head.

3:Look!Ben is ____.

4:____youe eyes!

5.What___you want? I want a toy car.

6.What___Jenny and Gogo doing?

7.___you play soccer on Sunday? Yes ,we___

8:He___baseball on Sunday.

9:I like to___.

10:I like ____A.DO B:Does C:is wantA.this B.This C:TheseA.swimB.swimming C:swimmingA.OpenB.Opening C.ClosingA.doB.doesC.areA.is B.amC.areA.Are,are B.Do,do C.Does,doesA.playsB.playing C.playsA.dancing B.dance C.dancesA.dancing B.dance C.dances

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