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姓名 _________ 得分 ___________

一、用正确的格式书写单词和句子 (10分)

brother twenty afternoon biscuit How are you ? How many circles are there? Nice to meet you, too. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________


二、选出不是同一类的项。(10 分)

( )1、A.beautiful B.small C.tiger

( )2、A.scarf B.hen C.hat

( )3、A.twenty B.forty C.right

( )4、A.in B.under C. home

( )5、A. brown B.bathroom C. bedroom

三、 英汉互译。(15 分)

funny________ thirty________ bread________ right________ table_________ flower___________ 房间________ 墙壁__________ 左边__________ 谁的_________ 在...里面_______ 家 ___________ grey ________ bedroom________ wear__________

四、 把下列单词按要求分类,只填序号。(15 分)

1.elephant 2.ruler 3.brown 4.bed 5.tiger 6.pencil

7.table 8.rice 9.monkey 10.milk 11.chair 12.white

13.desk 14.grey 15.bread 颜色____________________________ 文具类________________________ 动物类________________________

食物类_________________________ 家具类________________________

五、 单项选择题。(10 分)

( )1、---What’s this? ---________

A.Two dots. B.It’s a dot. C.These are dots.

( )2、---What are we? ---__________

A. We are soldiers. B.No, we aren’t. C.I am a student.

( )3、---What do you like? ---__________

A. I like bread. B.She likes milk. C.I’m hungry.

( )4、---Is this your key? ---___________

A. Yes, I am. B.No, it is. C.No, it is’nt.

( )5、---Thirty and ______ is one hundred.

B. sixty B.seventy C.eighty

六、 连线。(10 分) Ⅰ

1、How are you? A.I’m drawing.

2、What’s that? B.I’m fine

3、How many dots are there? C.It’s a cat.

4、What are you doing? D.Six.

5、Is that right? E.No,it isn’t.

七、情景交际。(10 分)

( )1、你不知道这条围巾是谁的,应该问:

A.Whose is this? B.Whose is that? C.Who is this?

( )2、你想告诉别人这是你奶奶的家,应该说: A.This is my grandmother’s home.

B.That is my grandmother’s home. C. This is my mother’s home.

( )3、你的同桌想问你那些是什么,应该问:

A.What are those? B.What are these? C.What’s this?

( )4、你想问别人黑板上有多少个圆圈,应该说:

A.How many dots are there? B.How many lines are there? C.What are these?

( )5、想要别人回答我们扮演的是什么人物,我们应该问:

A.What are we? B.Who are they? C.Where are we?


1. to home our Welcome . _______________________________________

2. are green These birds . _______________________________________

3. Is wallet your this ? _______________________________________

4. wears She black shoes trousers and . ________________________________________

5. is It hundred one. ________________________________________

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