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1.make(现在分词)______ 2. work(名词)______ 3. let’s(完全形式) _______ 4. can not (缩写形式) ______

5.fat(反义词)_____ 6.child(复数) ________- 7.have (第三人称单数)________ 8.family (复数) _______

9.he(宾格) ________10. dancing(原形)_______11、she(宾格)________ 12、them(主格)________


( )1.A.like B.white C.five D.with

( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) D.l ( )

( ) ( ) 三、请你选择正确答案。(20分)

( ) 1. She’s ________ a picture in the study. A. writing B. drawing C. looking

( ) 2. This is ________ bear. That’s ________ elephant. A. a; an B. an; a C. a; a

( ) 3. Tom ______ a toy car. Tom’s parents _____ two cars. A. have; has B. have; have C. has; have

( ) 4. —Are there ________ swings in the garden? —Yes, there are. A. a B. any C. one

( ) 5. Please show ________ how to make the kite. A. we B. us C. our

( ) 6. — _____ a pumpkin on the desk? —No, there isn’t. A. Is there B. Are there C. There is

( ) 7. Wang Bing is looking ________ his book. A. at B. for C. to

( ) 8. —What ________ she have? —She has a violin. A. do B. does C. has

( ) 9. —What ____ I doing? Guess! —You _____ playing the guitar. A. am; / B. /; are C. am; are

( ) 10. —_____ are they singing? —They’re singing in the music room. A. What B. Where C. Who

( )11.---How many ___can you see?---I can’t see____ A. circle ; some B. circles ; any C. circles ; many

( ) 12、The dog can’t on the see-saw . A: play B: is playing. C: playing.

( ) 13、Mike and his friends the basketball. A: is playing B: playing C: are playing

( ) 14、I’ll go and join B: them C: their

( )1 5、after the mouse. A: is to run B: is running C: are running

( )1 6、your sister watching TV?. A: Are B: Is C: Do

( )17、Here some water for you. A: is B: are C: am

( )18.Please come and help me _____my English. A . with B. in C. of

( )19. ---Hello , is that Wang Bing ?---______ A.Yes , this is Wang Bing . B. Yes , I am . C. No, I’m not .

( )20. I can ______. I’m ________now. A. dance ; dance B. dancing ; dance C. dance ;dancing


1、看报纸_______________ 6、wash clothes_________2、许多的花_____________ 7、fly a kite________

3、所有的孩子们___________ 8、ride a horse______ _4、在门后面____________

9、at a camping site_________ 5、下课后_____________ 10、listen to music__________


1. Look! The bus is ____________.(come) 2. My sister _________(have) a red skirt.

3. Can you _______ (put) the apple on your head? 4. What ________ (do) he have?

5. I’d like _______ (draw) a picture. 6. There _______ (be) a desk, a computer and some pictures in my study.

7. The Music room is on the ________ (one) floor. 8. The boys is learning how ____________(read) English.

9. Show _____(we )your new watch,please. 10. There aren’t _______ (some) pictures on the wall.


对画线部分提问) _____ _____is the kite?

2.I have a pot(.改为一般疑问句) ______you ____a pot?

对画线部分提问) ____ is Su Hai_____ now?

4. David has a big tent(.改为一般疑问句). ____ David_____a big tent?

5.He can play the piano.(改为否定句) He ____ _____the piano.

五、连词成句 10分

1 cake, good, the, very, looks

__________________________________________________________ .

2 mouse, is, mouth, in, cat’s, the, there, a

__________________________________________________________ .

3 them, go, their , Maths , you , and , can , help , with

__________________________________________________________ ?

4 is, Mr Green, students, about, teaching, shapes, his

__________________________________________________________ .

5 door, Tom’s, is, umbrella, behind, the

__________________________________________________________ .


Mary is a little girl. She is only five years old. She is not at school. She doesn’t know how to read or write. But her sister Joan is a schoolgirl. She is ten. She knows how to read and write.

One day, Joan sees her little sister in the room. She is at the table. There is a pencil in her hand. She is writing. “What are you writing, Mary?” She asks. “I’m writing to my friend, Rose.” “But how can you? You don’t know how to write.” Says her sister. “Well,” says Mary, “It doesn’t matter. Rose doesn’t know how to read, either.”

( )1. Is Mary a schoolgirl? A. Yes, she is. B. No, she isn’t. C. We don’t know.

( )2. Who can read and write? A. Mary B. Rose C. Joan

( )3. What’s in Mary’s hand? A. There’s a pen. B. There’s a pencil. C. There’s a crayon.

( )4. What’s Mary doing? A. She’s drawing. B. She’s writing to her friend. C. She’s singing.

( )5. Can Rose read and write? A. No, she can’t. B. Yes, she can. C. We don’t know.


It is Su Hai and Su Yang’s birthday (生日) today. All their friends are at their home. They are having a birthday party together.

All: Happy birthday to you, Su Hai and Su Yang. These presents (礼物) are for you.

Su Hai and Su Yang: Thank you very much.

Su Hai: Which box is for me? This one or that one?

Mike: The red one.

Su Hai: What is in it? Let me open it and see. Oh, a music box! How nice! I like it very much. I’ll put it on my desk. Su Yang: So, the green box is for me. Let me have a look.

Yang Ling: Wait a moment (等一下). Please guess (猜).

Su Yang: All right.

Yang Ling: It is fat and lovely. It has two black eyes and two black ears. It looks like (看起来像) a bear. We all like it very

much. What is it?

Su Yang: I know! It’s a toy panda!

Yang Ling: You’re right. Hope (希望) you will like it.

Su Yang: Sure, I will.

Su Hai: It’s time to have the cake. Come on (来啊), everyone!

Nancy: All right. Let’s sing the song “Happy Birthday” together now.

All: Good idea. Happy birthday to you. …

( ) 1. The children are ________. A. in the classroom B. in the park C. at Su Hai’s home

( ) 2. Which box is for Su Yang? A. The red one. B. The green one. C. The blue one.

( ) 3. Where will Su Hai put her present? A. In the desk. B. On the desk. C. Beside the desk.

( ) 4. What is Su Hai’s present? A. A music box. B. A toy panda. C. A toy bear.

( ) 5. Su Hai and Su Yang ________.

A. want some presents B. like their presents C. give some presents

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