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一 选择适当的字母。

( )1.f_t A.o B.u C.oo

( )2.t ll A.i B.h C.a ( ) 3.subw A.ai B.i Cay ( ) 4.coun y A.tr B.ty C. tree ( ) 5.t ll A.e B.u C.m ( ) 6.n th A.o B.ar C.or ( ) 7.p ty A.ar B.er C.ea ( ) 8.w sh A.i B.a C.o ( ) 9.twelf A.teen B.ty C.th ( ) 10.l rn A.i e B.e a C.a n


1.Number缩写 _____ 2.drive 名词 ____ 3.far反义词 ____ 4。people复数_____ 5.left 反义词_____ 6.library复数_____ 7.bus 复数_____ 8。get off反义短语_____ 9.twelve 序数词_____ 10。foot复数_____ 三、选择填空。

( )1. Children go to school .

A. ride a bike B.by bike C. by a bike

( )2. What’s your name ?

A. Han Mei Mei B. Han mei mei C. Han Meimei ( )3.How old are you?

A.I’m very well. B.I’m ten. C.I’m fine.

( )4.Where do you live?

A.I live in England. B.I love music. C.I like hamburger.

( )5.What colour is your hair?

A.My hair is black. B.My name is Lucy. C.black

( )6.Mr pan usually ___________ up early. A.gets B.get C.got

( )7.How do you go to school? I ____________. A.wlak B.on foot C.walk to ( )8.Stop ____________the traffic light. A.on B.at C.to

( )9.He often ________a bus to work . A.takes B.take C.by

( )10. __________ you are walking the wrong way. A.Maybe B. May be C. may

四、 给下列对话排正确的顺序,按顺序填入1245678 ( )Excuse me,is there a cinema near here? ( )You are welcome.

( )It’s next to the hospital. ( )Where is it,please? ( )Yes,there is. ( )No,it’s not far. ( )Thank you。

( )Is it far from here? 六.找出有错的选项填入括号并改正

( )( )1. I like take a taxi to the shop。 A B C

( )( )2. He’s go to the new hospital tomorrowmy A B C ( )( )3. I can speaking some English. A B C

( )( )5.What do you going to be in the future?


七.阅读理解,并判断对错 对的打T 错的打F

Christmas is a very important festival(节日) in western countries. It’s in December. There are Christmas trees everywhere(到处). People give children presents.On Christmas Eve, sometimes there are parties in people’s houses. They give friends Christmas cards.

Linging is going to attend(参加) a Christmas party. It’s in Amy’s home. They are going to sing and dance. And they are going to have many decilious foods. It is really a wonderful festival!

( )1. Christmas is an antumn(秋天 )festival. ( )2. You can see Christmas trees on Christmas.

( )3. Children wear scary (恐怖的)clothes and scare the people on Christmas.

( )4. Lingling and Amy are going to sing and dance in the party.

( )5. People don’t give children anything on Christmas. 八.作文。根据自己的情况写一封信。 Dear Lucy:

My name _____________________________________________.

I’m__________________________________________________. Ilive__________________________________________________. My hair_______________________________________________. Ilike___________________________________________________

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