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Unit2 What’s your name The 3rd period

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Oxford English 3A, Module 1, Unit 2

Listen and enjoy Learn the sound


close open____ window door_____

down up____ stand sit____


简略写法 I am___ what is_____ I’m what’s
近义词 close____ shut hi____ hello

1.你去探望奶奶,你说: A.Hi,Grandma. B. How are you, Grandma ?

A.Close the window. B.Open the window. 3.老师请你看黑板,她会说: A.Look at the blackboard. B. Clean the blackboard.

A.Clean the desk. A.Sit down. B.Clean the chair. B.Stand up. 5.上课了,老师说Class begins,同学们回应:

( D ) 1. Close the book, please. ( A ) 2. What’s your name ? ( B ) 3. How are you? ( C ) 4. Good afternoon, Sam. A. My name’s Kitty. B. Fine, thank you. C. Good afternoon. D. OK.

1.Hello. _____ ______ _______? What’s your name My name is Danny. What’s your name? My name’s ____ _______ Kitty. 2. Look at the blackboard. It is dirty. Clean ______ the blackboard, please. _____ ______. All right 3. How are you, Peter? fine you I’m ______, thank _____.

A: Hello! What’s your name? B: My name’s …. What’s your name? A: I’m …. This is my name card. Nice to meet you. B: Nice to meet you too. A: How are you? B: I’m fine, thank you. And you? A: Fine too. Close the door, please. B: OK. Open the window, please. It’s hot here. A: All right. Sit down, please. B: Look at the table. It’s dirty. Let’s clean the table. A: All right. That’s a good idea.

__ick 捡 p
pick up 捡起来 Pick up your pencil. my book this pen that rubber the pens

Pick up your pencil. Pick it up, pick it up. Pick up your pencil And write your name.


your pencil

Pick up your pencil, And write your name. Write your name, Write your name, Write your name On the paper.

A: It’s cold today. Can you close the door, Danny? B: OK.

A: Danny! Look at the pencil.
It’s my pencil. Pick up the pencil, please. B: OK. Here you are. A: Thank you.





Jane likes cakes. Jane makes cakes. The cakes are on the plate. The plates are on the table.





The fat man likes jam. He has a jar in his hand. He is not sad. The jam is not bad.

闭音节: 一个元音字母 + 一个或几个辅音字母

a-/? /-


e-/e/i-/I/o -/?/u/Q/- 一个元音字母

fat man ken pen big pig dog frog up bus

jam ten in hot but

has hand bad hen red get is his Jim hop shop box cut run sun

+ 一个辅音字母 + 一个不发音的e 结尾 (元音字母发它本身的音)

skate plate game face make a-/??/cake snake plane Jane e-/i?/- he she me we these ibike like Mike kite nine fine five o-/??//??/- nose rose those note bone hope uuse cute tube

( B ) apple ( A ) pupil

name up

bad umbrella

( C

) open

desk this

she hi

( B ) he ( C ) Miss

apple name ( F )
jam snake ( F )

this Miss ( T )
Peter pig ( F )



(T )

write pick ( F )

“a, an, the”
1. I have __ apple. It’s __ big apple.

an a 2. Look at ___ blackboard. It’s dirty. the a 3. Get __ card. Fold ___ card. the a 4. This is __ nice orange. The orange is orange. ___ a the 5. There is __ cake on ___ table. the 6. Open ___ door, please.

1.找出句子中的be动词: am, is, are。
2.在be动词am, is are后面+not。

I am fat. I’m a teacher. He is sad. She’s sad. You are ten. You’re Ben.

I am not fat. I’m not a teacher.

He is not sad. She’s not sad. You are not ten. You’re not Ben.

1. I am Peter. I am _____ Peter. not 2. I’m young. I’m ______ _______. not young 3. You’re a pupil. ______ not You’re _____ ____ ______. a pupil 4. He is a doctor. He ___ ____ a doctor. is not 5. You are my brother. are not my _______. You ___ _____ _____ brother 6. She’s Miss Fang. She’s not Miss Fang ______ _____ _____ ______.

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