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Unit2 What’s your name The 1st period

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Oxford English 3A, Module 1, Unit 2

Look and say Look and learn

I’m Dolly. Hello,hello. I’m Dolly. Hello,hello. I’m Dolly. Hello,hello. Hello,hello,hello. I’m Peter. Hello,hello…. I’m Alice.Hello,hello….. I’m…..

How are you?
1.Fine, thanks.

2.Very well, thank you.
3.Just so so.
马马虎虎。 不太好。 我很伤心。


4.Not so well.
5.I’m sad.

6.I’m terrible.


1. A. ride 3. A.look 5. A.who

B. write B. book B. how

2. A. kite

B. cat

4. A.mouse B.mouth 6. A.pick B. Mrs Wang B.big

7. A.Mr Zhang


1. morning 2. cat 3. water 4. hi 5. Miss 6. name kite

good ball


milk hello Mr Peter

bread how Mrs Alice

1. Hello!
2. Good evening.

3. Nice to see you.
4. Who are you? 5. What's your name?

6. Close the door, please.

a e n_m_

cake table plate make

My name is Peter. =My name’s Peter. My name is Alice. =My name’s Alice. My name is Dolly. =My name’s Dolly.
(’s = is 是)

A: What’s your name ?
what’s = what is 是什么

B: My name’s Tom. name’s…...

Alice Kitty Peter Danny Ben

i s_t


a st_nd u _p


o _pen the door


open the book / pencil-box /…
open your mouth / eyes /…

o e cl_s_ the door


close the book / pencil-box / … close your mouth / eyes / …

Sing, sing, sing with me. I like singing---Do—re—me.

Dance, dance, dance with me. I like dancing--1—2—3.
Write, write, write with me. I like writing--A—B—C.

i e wr_t_

I can write.

write your name 写下你的名字
Write your name, please. write a letter 写信 Write a letter to your sister.

-- Good morning, boys and girls. Good morning --_____________, Mr Zhang. --Sit down please. 请坐. What’s your name --_________________? --My name’s Peter. --Open your book. 打开书. Write your name, please.

close the door

open the door

sit down



stand up

sit down

open the door

close the door

One, two, three, four.
Open the door, please.

Close the door, please.
Five, six, seven, eight.

Stand up, please.
Sit down, please.

Nine, ten, nine ten.
Write your name on the book.

bag make ( F )
jam hand fine five (T ) (T )

open fold
write this

(T )
(F )

name cake ( T )

1.Alice ______ happy. She ____thin. is is are 2. A: How ______ you? am B: I _____ fine, thank you. is 3. A: What _____ your name? B: My name _____ Kitty. is 4.A: _____ your mother tall? Is

B: Yes, she _____. is
5. We ____ tall. They ____ short. are are

What’s your name?
A: Hello. What’s your name?
B: My name’s Peter. What’s your name?

A: My name’s Danny.
B: How are you? A: Fine, thank you. And you? B: I’m fine too.

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