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Unit 1 How are you the 3rd period

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the 3rd period

father (同义词) ________ dad /daddy /papa mother (同义词) ________ mum /mummy /mama hello (同义词) __________ hi two /to too (同音词) ___________ I’m I am (缩写形式) __________ you are (缩写形式) ________ you’re morning (同类词) afternoon ________ Mr ( 同类词) ____________ Miss /Mrs

1. Kitty and I are classmates. _____ are tall. We A. You B. They C. We. 2. He_____ a plate. We______ plates, too. has have A. has…….have B. have……has 3. Mr Wang and Mrs Wang are Eddie’s papa and mama. ______are very kind. They A. We B. They C. You 4. You ____ many rulers. have But Eddie and Danny have not. ____ A. has……have B. have……have 5. Are you teachers? Yes, _____ are. we A. I B. we C. you

Hello, I’m Kitty. I have a new teacher. She is Miss Wang. She is tall. She is nice. She has two big eyes. Look at her. She is in the classroom now. We like her very much. 1. ( T )Kitty has a new teacher. 2. ( F )Kitty’s new teacher is Miss Li. 3. ( F ) Miss Wang is short and nice. 4. ( F ) Miss Wang is in the playground. 5. ( T )We like Miss Wang very much.

闭音节:一个元音字母 + 一个或几个辅音字母 fat man jam has hand bad

开音节: 一个元音字母 + 一个辅音字母 +
一个不发音的e 结尾(元音字母发 它本身的音)

skate cake

snake plate

game plane

face make

Read and judge. ( T or F)

cat cake (F )

table plate (T )

apple hat (T )

make thank ( F )





Jane likes cakes. Jane makes cakes. The cakes are on the plate. The plates are on the table.

p__ppet s u

make a puppet make some puppets

This is a puppet. It’s Mr Dog.

st__ck i
Stick the dog. Pick up the stick.



1. Draw and colour. 2. Cut. 剪, 切

3. Stick. 粘贴 4. Hi, I’m Mr Dog. Hi, I’m… How are you? I’m fine, thanks.

Let’s play with your friends.

play with
Play with the ball.

和……一起玩 玩……(玩具)

Fill in the blanks with ‘am, is, are’:

am are 1)I ___ Alice. You ___ Kitty. are am 2)How ___ you today? I ___ fine, thanks.

is 3)This ___ Mr. Zhang.
is He ___ your new teacher. are 4) We ___ good pupils.

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