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by plane(乘飞机) by ship( 乘船) on foot(步行) by bike(骑自行车)

by bus( 乘巴士) by train(乘火车 ) by subway (乘地铁) traffic lights(交通灯) traffic rules ( 交通规则 )

1.How do you go to school, Sarah?

2. Usually I go to school on foot. Sometimes I go by bike.

3.Stop at a red light. Wait at a yellow light. Go at a green light.

4.How can I get to Zhongshan Park? You can go by the No.15 bus.


Library(图书馆) post office(邮局) hospital(医院)

Cinema(电影院) bookstore (书店 ) science museum(科学博物馆) north(北) south ( 南) west(西) east(东) turn left (左转)

turn right (右转) go straight(直走)

1.Where is the cinema,please? It’s next to the hospital.

2.Turn left at the cinema, then go straight. It’s on the left.


take a trip(旅游) read a magazine(看杂志) go to the cinema(看电影 )

tomorrow(明天) tonight(今晚) this morning(今天早上) this afternoon(今天下午) this evening(今天晚上) next week(下周)

post card( 明信片 ) magazine(杂志) dictionary (字典 ) comic book(漫画书) newspaper(报纸)

1. What are you going to do on the weekend? I’m going to visit my grandparents this weekend.

2 Where are you going this afternoon? I’m going to the bookstore.

3.What are you going to buy? I am going to buy a comic book.


riding a bike(骑自行车) diving(跳水) playing the violin(拉小提琴)

collecting stamps(收集邮票) making kites(制作风筝) lives in Beijing(居住在北京) teaches English(教英语 ) goes to work(去上班 )

watches TV(看电视) reads newspapers(看报纸)

1. What’s your hobby? I like collecting stamps. He likes collecting stamps, too.

2. Does she teach English? No, she doesn’t. Yes, she does.


Singer(歌手) writer(作家) TV reporter(电视台记者) actor(男演员 )

actress(女演员) artist(画家) engineer(工程师)

Accountant(会计) policeman( 男警察)salesperson(售货员) cleaner(清洁工)

1. What does your mother do? She is a TV reporter.

2. Where does she work? How does she go to work?


Rain(雨 ) stream(小溪) cloud(云) sun (太阳 ) vapour(蒸汽 )

seed(种子) soil(土壤 ) sprout(幼苗) plant( 植物)

1.Where does the rain come from? It comes from the clouds.

2.How do you do that? What should you do then?

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