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Week 6
Program for today: - presentations - review Unit 1 homework - roleplay - Unit 2, p.15: What I like about my job - group discussion

Review Unit 1, p.12
Explain in English:
a) b) c) d) e) f) g) h) fully funded appraisal (评价) peers workload has gone out of his way monitors in the fast lane to promotion on-the-job training and development

Complete these sentences
a) Staff training should be fully funded, otherwise .... b) Staff appraisals are important, because ... c) A good manager should go out of his way ... d) A good manager monitors ... e) If you ...., you’ll be in the fast lane to promotion.

A: You work for FastTrain, a company offering training courses for people in the service industry (hotels, taxicompanies, travel agencies, etc.). One day sb. from a travel agency calls. - Answer politely, find out what s/he wants - offer the choice between a standard course and tailormade. B: You work for Star Travel, a travel agency. Recently there have been many complaints from customers on trips to Hong Kong. You want to improve the service to solve these problems. Make a call to your partner (A) and explain what you are looking for.

Formal phone call
A: Good morning, this is ..... How can I help you? B: Good morning, my name is ....... from ........ I would like to know ........ A: ... B: ... A: Is there anything else you would like to know? B: No, I think that is all for the moment. Thank you very much. A: You’re welcome. Have a nice day. B: Have a nice day. Goodbye. A: Goodbye.

Unit 2: What I like about my job
In the first lesson we talked about the importance of salary and other benefits. Today we look into what attracts people to a particular job in the first place. Discuss with your partner why you think these people chose for their job: - a policeman - a teacher - a dentist - a miner

p. 15, ex. 3: Listening (rec.3)
- recipe= - vision= - culture= - disciplines= - thrive on= - it’s a lifestyle choice= - structured environment=

p. 15, ex. 3: Listening (rec.3)
- recipe (食谱)= instructions for making a dish - vision= ideas about how the company can become successful - culture= (here:) way of working together - disciplines= kind of work, like technical, theoretical, etc. - thrive on= enjoy doing, it gives you a lot of energy - it’s a lifestyle choice= a way of life you choose for - structured environment= a working environment with regular working hours

? agents (代理人)= a person arranging business for a company in another place or country ? conference incentive events: - conference= meeting between people from different companies and/or organisations about a specialized topic - incentive (诱因) = motivation for doing sth. - incentive event= an event organised by a company and offered to their employees as a reward for hard work. For example: a weekend trip to Hong Kong or Macau; a week to an island in Thailand; a cruise (航游) to Hainan, etc.

I know that these listening exercises a

re not easy, but remember that it is not necessary to understand every word. Try to understand the most important information. Please do not look at the transcript while we are doing this exercise.

1st speaker: Jane Milton ? Jane mentions two things she likes about her job, which are they? ? Why do people send her emails? ? What kind of job do you think she has?

2nd speaker: Lewis Bronze He enjoys two things, which are they? He says sth. about the vision he had for his company and that he enjoys. What is it? What’s his job title? 3rd speaker: Amanda Hamilton She says she thrives on sth.. What is it? She says she doesn’t mind the long hours she has to work now. Why not? What job title could she have?

4th speaker: Maxine Macpherson With whom is she in contact a lot? What does she like about her job? What kind of job title could she have?

Interview your partner
The following questions are probably not very hard to answer. Try to speak as fluently as possible. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Your partner should make notes. 1. What do you enjoy most about your major? 2. Why did you choose it? 3. How are your chances for finding a good job with this major? 4. What kind of job are you going to look for after graduation? Why? 5. Do you think you’ll still have the same job after ten years? Why (not)?

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