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Week 14
Programme for today: ? presentations ? review homework ? Unit 7: review p.36,37 ? listening p.38 ? group discussion: West vs. East

Trade fairs
Ask your partner: Have you ever been at a trade fair? What is your impression of it? What impressed you most? What is the difference between a shop in a shopping street and a stand at a trade fair? What kind of visitors will most stands probably try to attract? Who do they not want to attract? What is important to display in a stand? (what makes a good stand?) Would you like to work in a stand at a fair? Why?

Listening p.37
You have read (for homework) the notes and emails on pages 36 and 37. Ask your partner: what were these notes and email exchanges about? Who is Frank? Who is Bill? What company are they working for? Where is it located ? What does Bill want Frank to do?

New words
? ? ? ? server (服务器) = part of a computer network power cut (停电) = breakdown of electricity supply floor space= amount of space occupied by a stand floor plan= detailed map of the exhibition centre with available locations reserve your space in writing= send a signed letter describing the space you need pay a deposit money transfer= direct bank transfer I’ll fax you ...= I’ll send a fax to you with ... I’ll get back to you= I’ll call you back

? ? ? ?

Listening p.37
Now we’ll listen to a recording of a phone conversation between Mandy, who works for Showfood, and Frank, who works for Pop-the-Cork Ltd.. Task: Complete the notes on page 37 with the information necessary to answer Bill Cowley’s email to Frank. (see page 36)

Questions about the recording
1. Frank said: “I was wondering when I was going to hear from you”. Why? 2. Why are there different prices for the exhibition (120-200 pound)? 3. How did Frank want to pay the deposit? 4. When is it best to reserve floor space? Why? 5. What is Frank going to do next?

Grammar workshop
Complete these sentences: 1. My job involves _________ (deal) with money, like ___________. 2. I would be happy ________ (get) a responsible job, such as ____________ . 3. _______ (advertise) on television is too expensive for my company ________ (invest) in, therefore we _______. 4. I wouldn’t risk ____ (leave) my job _____ (start) up a business on my own. I’d rather _____. 5. _____ (study) for a business degree is essential if you want ____ (be) successful in business. Otherwise ___

Ask your partner to pronounce these words, correct him/her if you think there’s a mistake: would might climb who doubt know honest science
Now listen to the recording and repeat

In pairs, pronounce these words, repeat after your partner, and correct if necessary. A begins: A: half scissors island knife B: whole hour chemist business A: guide steady listen autumn B: lamb wrong thought
Now listen to the recording and repeat

Gotye: Somebody I used to know
Watch the video about the relationship between a man and

a woman: ? what does the paint on their bodies mean? ? the paint disappears from the body of the woman, why? ? do they love each other? ? the man seems to be rather angry? Why?

Relationships in the west and east
In groups: What differences are there between western countries and China in the way relationships between two partners develop? What are the advantages and disadvantages of the western vs. the eastern way? Which is more suited to find your ideal partner?

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